Rebecca Swinson Has Sex With 2 East Forsyth Students, Say Cops

Rebecca Carol Swinson Kernersville PD

Kernersville Police Department

Rebecca Carol Swinson is the former East Forsyth High School teacher in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who is accused of sexually assaulting two minor students. Swinson, 38, was taken into custody by the Kernersville Police Department on August 21, reports WFMY.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the investigation into Swinson’s alleged offenses began on July 30. The school district says that Swinson was fired on August 2 having been suspended as soon as the investigation began. Swinson had been an English teacher as well as a track coach at the school. Kernersville police spokesman, Officer Blake Jones, told the Journal that investigators believe that Swinson’s offenses took place on school property around November 2017.

Swinson’s Lawyer Says It’s a ‘Very Difficult Time for Rebecca’

Swinson’s lawyer, James Quander, told the Journal, “Rebecca Swinson was an English teacher, cross country coach and (a) member of the East Forsyth High School community for five years. When Rebecca learned of the charges against her, she cooperated with law enforcement and turned herself in. Due to the nature of the charges, it is tempting to rush to judgment; however, we would caution the public against doing so. This is a very difficult time for Rebecca, her family, and (her) dear friends. We would ask that she and all of the individuals involved be given privacy. We have great confidence in the legal process, and that justice will be served for Rebecca and those involved.” Also speaking to the journal was Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools spokesman, Brent Campbell. He said that Swinson had taught at East Forsyth since 2007.

Swinson has been released from custody after being booked at Forsyth County Jail. Her unsecured bond had been set at $150,000. WXII reports that Swinson is due to appear in court again on September 6. She is facing charges of three counts of sexual activity with a student and 16 counts of indecent liberties with a student.

Swinson Calls Herself a ‘Disciple of Christ’

Rebecca Swinson East Forsyth High School

Twitter/Rebecca Swinson

On her Twitter page, Swinson describes herself as a “Disciple of Christ.” That profile has not been active since April 2011. Swinson featured in an April 2018 article on the school district’s website where she is referred to as the “Chair of the English Department.” Swinson has one rating on the website Rate My Teacher. The May 2016 review simply reads, “She could be stricter with her students…” In her now-deleted profile on the East Forsyth website, Swinson focuses on “Respect,” writing, “Care and consideration for others will be central to our class environment in every direction-from teacher to student, student to student, and student to teacher. I require respect because it is essential in building an environment in which we feel safe to learn, to speak honestly, and be ourselves. (This includes talking and not talking whenever appropriate.)

Swinson Was a Competitive Cheerleader in College

Rebecca Swinson LinkedIn page

Since the arrest, Swinson has deleted her Facebook page. Swinson maintained a LinkedIn page for her personal training career. The blurb for the service reads, “As a personal trainer, I help clients with various health and performance goals. I develop workout programs, help clients navigate healthy eating strategies and coach individuals through one-on-one and group sessions.” On another online profile, Swinson says that her interest in fitness began when the she was three years old and enrolled in gymnastics. From there, Swinson says that her passion was competitive cheerleader until a wrist injury in college. After that, Swinson says she began to take an interest in lifting weights.

Swinson Began Teaching English in 2003 to ‘At Risk Youths’

Rebecca Swinson PBM Fitness

Facebook/PBM Fitness

Also on her LinkedIn page page, Swinson said she has taught in the Winston Salem/Forsyth County School district since August 2002. Swinson writes that in addition to teaching all levels of English, she was also a cheerleading coach between 2002 and 2007. Since 2014, Swinson has also worked as a personal trainer. Swinson says she rents space at two locations in North Carolina in addition to coming to people’s homes to train. In 2002, Swinson graduated from North Carolina State University after studying English Language and Literature and in 2004, the former teacher graduated from Fayetteville State University where she received her secondary teacher certification. In another online profile, Swinson says she began teaching English “to at risk youth.”

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