Rodrigo Castillo: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Rodrigo Castillo is the Atlanta man who was murdered last week, after going out on a dinner date with a woman he met through a dating app. Castillo was found in a car at a little past midnight on August 3. There was a gunshot wound in his head. His car was stopped in the right lane of the I-20 near the exit to Martin Luther King Drive.

Police have said they do not think Castillo’s date was involved in his murder. So far, police have not named any suspects in the case, and there is very little public information about the murder.

Here’s what you need to know about Rodrigo Castillo:

1. Castillo, 33, Was Originally From Mexico But Moved to Atlanta, Where He Graduated From High School and Went on to Emory University

Castillo lived in Mableton, Georgia. He was a graduate of Emory University, where he majored in finance and behavioral management.

Castillo was originally from Mexico, according to Way Joe Lee, a close friend of Castillo’s who owned the crossfit gym where Castillo loved to train. It’s not clear when Castillo moved to the US, but he graduated from Milton High School, in Georgia, according to his Facebook page.

Castillo worked as a Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Manager for BlueLinx Corporation. He prided himself on being a strong leader and wrote on his LinkedIn page, “I strongly believe my success as a leader comes from following this guideline: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” – Richard Branson.”

Castillo held an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.

2. Police Have Interviewed Castillo’s Date, The Last Known Person to Have Spoken With Him the Night He Was Killed

Castillo was apparently murdered while driving home from a date on Friday night. Police said they had no reason to suspect that the woman who went out with Castillo had been involved in the murder. But they were seeking her for an interview, since she was the last known person to have seen Castillo alive.

On Friday, August 10, police said they had located his date and they spoke to her. They did not release her name. “She has been located and we have spoken with her, but at this time there are no new updates to release,” Officer Jarius Daugherty told

Castillo reportedly met her on a dating app. They went to Full Service in Decatur about 8 p.m. The two then went to the Kimball House.

3. Police Found Shell Casings In Castillo’s Car But Haven’t Recovered the Gun Used to Kill Him

Police say that so far they have not identified any suspect in Castillo’s murder. They have spoken to his dinner date, who is the last known person to have seen him alive. But they have not indicated that she was a suspect in the case, and they also have not released her name.

Police recovered three shell casings from a 9mm gun from Castillo’s car, a silver Volkswagen Jetta. But they said they have not found the gun that was used to kill him. They also have not identified any motive in the shooting.

On Friday, August 2, Castillo met an unidentified woman at about 8PM for a date at Leon’s Full Service in Decatur. They went on to the Kimball House and left at about 11:30. About an hour after that, at 12:25, Castillo was found in his car on the I-20, near the Martin Luther

Not long after leaving the date, Castillo was found in his car in the right lane of I-20 near the Martin Luther King Jr. exit.

4. Castillo Was an Avid Crossfit Fan, Who Had Built Strong Friendships in the Crossfit Community

Castillo was a member of Caffeinated Crossfit Gym in Mableton, Georgia. His Facebook page is full of pictures of himself and friends lifting weights or participating in competitions; on his LinkedIn page, Castillo wrote, “During my spare time I enjoy training for crossfit competitions and playing catch with my husky dog Ataneq (King in Inuit).”

His fellow gym member remembered the 33 year old as a close friend, dedicated to his community. “He was a very, very close friend of ours,” said Way Joe Lee, who owns the gym with his wife, Christine. “He joined our gym about two months after it opened, almost three years ago, and we got to know him over the years. He was a very involved member at our gym … always helping us with something, and he helped us build a community at our gym.”

5. Castillo’s Friends Have Set Up a GoFundMe Page to Help His Family

A GoFundMe page to help Castillo’s family pay the costs of his funeral has already raised over 16-thousand dollars. Castillo’s friends from his favorite Crossfit gym set up the page to help Castillo’s family, and as a way of honoring their friend. The GoFundMe campaign aimed at raising 20 thousand dollars; in the first 5 days, it had already raised 16,700 dollars.

The GoFundMe page sets out what is already known about Castillo’s mysterious death. And it says, “His [Castillo’s] family and his CrossFit community grieve the sudden loss of a great friend while we hope to get more closure. We encourage friends to please support the family of this amazing person, a man who is described by his loved ones as genuine, thoughtful, and easy to love. Thank You.”

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