Iowa Body Found Was Sadie Alvarado, Not Mollie Tibbetts

Facebook Sadie Alvarado

The body of a young woman, found in Lee County, Iowa, was that of Sadie Alvarado, not Mollie Tibbetts, the missing college student from Brooklyn. Friends remembered Sadie, a nursing student and bank teller, for her intelligence and beauty.

However, another body was found on August 21, 2018 and is believed to be that of Tibbetts, who is dead, according to Fox News. You can read more about that report here.

Authorities quickly dispelled rumors that the body could be that of Tibbetts, saying quickly in a press release that they had no reason to believe it was the missing student. On August 6, 2018, authorities released the identity of the deceased woman, Sadie Alvarado, and announced that they had already issued charges against her boyfriend in that case for allegedly leaving the scene. His name is Damian Hamman.

Both Sadie Alvarado and Mollie Tibbetts are 20-years-old and from Iowa. Social media was flooded with tributes to Sadie Alvarado after news of her death broke. “My heart is so heavy right now. Rest in paradise beautiful,” wrote one friend on Facebook.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sadie Alvarado’s Boyfriend Alleges That She Jumped Out of a Moving Car

damian hamann

Damian Hamann

According to The Des Moines Register, Damian Hamann, of Morning Sun, Iowa, told police that “Alvarado jumped out of his car while they were arguing.” Those details are contained in a criminal complaint that charged Hamann with allegedly leaving the scene of the death. The charges came down one day after the body was found.

sadie alvarado

The profile picture on Sadie Alvarado’s Facebook page.

Hamann was charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death. However, Alvarado’s cause of death is still under investigation, and an autopsy was going to be performed on August 7, 2018.

Sadie Alvarado was 20-years-old and from Muscatine, Iowa. According to WHO-TV, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office found Alvarado’s body on a gravel road in the 2000 block of 235th Avenue. The television station reported that Hamann turned himself in to authorities.

“I didnt know her well but being apart of the family i feel every bit of the loss, R.I.P Sadie Alvarado, tremendously missed and never forgotten..” wrote one man on Facebook.

Sadie Alvarado Was a Bank Teller & Friends Remembered Her as Beautiful & Intelligent

According to her Facebook page, Sadie Alvarado worked as a bank teller. “She looks so beautiful in this picture, like an angel. ?? R.I.P. Sadie Alvarado,” a woman wrote on Facebook along with the above picture.

Sadie also wrote on Facebook that she was studying nursing at Southeastern Community College.

Friends wrote tributes on social media. “Sadie Alvarado was a beautiful, funny and intelligent young woman and so sweet I’ll never forget the laughs we had at party’s (sic) and the hugs. Rest In Peace beautiful ???❤️. Prayers for her. And her family,” wrote one woman.

“Sadie Alvarado. Hearing of your death is absolutely crushing. You were such a bright light in Momma’s days at the nursing home. All of the visits, cookies you ate that I brought you and all of the candy in my lunch bag that you loved to eat…and your smile. You were the best and I will miss you, so so much. Heartbroken…Just heartbroken. ?” another friend wrote.

Some friends were upset by the focus on Tibbetts. “We know she isn’t Mollie Tibetts! Her name is Sadie Alvarado! A beautiful, caring, charismatic Iowa girl who was loved by many and who’s best friend was her mom, Brandy. Show her the respect she deserves! Share,share, share!!” wrote one woman.

Wrote another friend: “Sadie Alvarado You been with my family since the 3rd grade, everyday you was at my house, you was a little sister to me.” Another man wrote, “All I keep thinking about is how much you didn’t deserve to be taken from your family so soon you had so many things going for you Sadie Alvarado can 2018 be over already we have already lost to (sic) many beautiful souls.”

Searches Continue for Mollie Tibbetts

mollie tibbetts

FacebookMollie Tibbetts.

Meanwhile searches continue for missing college student Mollie Tibbetts, who was last seen jogging near the house where she was dog sitting in Brooklyn, Iowa. A reward fund seeking information about Mollie now exceeds $260,000.

Authorities have not said much about the evidence they have in Mollie’s case, although they were trying to obtain data from her fitbit and phone. They have also interviewed a local pig farmer in connection with the case, although he denies involvement. Tibbetts disappeared on July 18, 2018.