Spenser Stafford, Danny O’Connor’s Fiancée: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Spenser Stafford and Danny O'Connor

Danny O\'Connor for Congress

Spenser Stafford is the fiancée of Danny O’Connor, the Democrat who ran for Congress in Ohio’s 12th district. She is an example of the type of woman O’Connor needed to win over in order to have a chance against Republican Troy Balderson in the traditionally red district. 28-year-old Stafford is a white, college-educated, suburban Republican.

O’Connor lost the general election on November 6, 2018.

Spenser stafford danny o'connor

COLUMBUS, OH – AUGUST 07: Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Danny O’Connor leaves a polling place with his fiancé Spencer Stafford after casting his vote in the special election on August 7, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Spenser Stafford Says She Will Not Become a Democrat, Despite Her Future Husband’s Political Ambitions

Spenser Stafford says that she has absolutely no intention of ever becoming a Democrat. In a recent interview with CNN Politics, she actually physically recoiled at the idea of switching parties. “I cannot identify as a Democrat. I’m a Danny-crat.”

Stafford says it was eye-opening traveling around the district speaking with constituents alongside O’Connor. “You don’t have to fall on the same side of every issue. I think it’s just about understanding where other people are coming from. Running across this district with him and talking to different people, it’s kind of crazy to me how many people are paying attention.”

O’Connor was hoping he could convince moderate Republicans like Stafford to swing his direction. It would have been a major upset victory for the party because the 12th district has not elected a Democrat since 1980. Republicans have held the seat for 88 of the last 98 years. Current Ohio governor John Kasich represented this district in Congress before being succeeded by Pat Tiberi in 2001; Tiberi’s decision to resign is what prompted the special election.

2. Spenser Stafford Studied Literature Before Going on to Law School

Spenser stafford

Spenser Stafford os the fiancee of Democratic congressional candidate Danny O’Connor

Spenser Stafford likely wins most of the arguments in her house. She is a licensed attorney, after being admitted to the Ohio Bar in 2015.

Stafford graduated from Dublin Coffman High school in 2008, before going on to Indiana University. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature in Bloomington. She then returned to central Ohio to attend Capital University Law School in Columbus.

Stafford graduated Cum Laude in 2015. On her LinkedIn profile, she lists several honors earned as a law student. She was on the Dean’s list four times, received the Trustee’s Merit Scholarship and was a member of the Order of the Curia. During this time Stafford also worked in the university’s law clinic. She did research for legal clients, with a focus on housing, domestic relations, and domestic violence issues.

3. Spenser Stafford is a Corporate Attorney for a Company That Assists Home Buyers

Spenser stafford

Spenser Stafford works as Corporate Counsel for the company Search2Close in central Ohio

Spenser Stafford would likely lead the charge on finding an apartment or house in Washington D.C. if Danny O’Connor wins the special election. That’s because real estate is her specialty.

Stafford is a corporate attorney for a company called Search2Close. Based in the city of Powell in Delaware County, the title and closing company assists homebuyers in finalizing this major purchase. According to her LinkedIn profile, Stafford spends her time reviewing “real estate title searches, purchase contracts, land records, surveys, wills, [and] trusts.” She has worked there since November 2015.

4. Spenser Stafford and Danny O’Connor Are Planning to Get Married in 2019

Spenser Stafford Danny O'Connor


Spenser Stafford and Danny O’Connor have managed to plan a wedding in the middle of all the campaigning. o’Connor lost the August special election by a razor-thin margin. But he’s back on the ballot for the general election on November 6.

The wedding is set for May 25, 2019. Stafford joked to CNN that “We like to cram all of our life events into a single window.” Plans for a honeymoon were not set.

5. Spenser Stafford Keeps a Low Profile on Social Media

Spenser Stafford does a good job keeping her private life under wraps. Her Instagram profile is set to private, and she does not appear to have Facebook or Twitter pages.

Her mother, Alison Stafford, proudly shows support for her future son-in-law on Facebook. She frequently shares posts and videos from his campaign team. In the video above, you can see Spenser Stafford watching as Danny O’Connor helps a family move a heavy pile out of their house.

According to Alison’s page, the family currently lives in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Spenser followed her mom’s lead when it came to picking a collage. Alison also attended Indiana University.

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