READ: Waitress Sends Handwritten Apology & Stolen Money to Former Boss

A guilty conscience motivated a waitress to reach out to her former boss in Arizona, more than 20 years after the alleged crime! The anonymous woman took the time to write a handwritten apology to Carlotta Flores, who owns the El Charro Cafe in Tucson.

The sender said she worked for Flores in the 1990s while she was a student at the University of Arizona. She admitted to stealing a few hundred dollars from the restaurant. To make up for it, she included $1,000 cash in the envelope.

Carlotta’s son Ray posted a picture of the note on Facebook. It read:

“I worked for you as a waitress very briefly in the 1990s, while a student at U of A. One of the waiters I worked with had encouraged me to ‘forget’ to ring in a few drinks a shift and pocket the cash. And for some stupid reason, I did it. I grew up in the church, I knew better. I hadn’t stolen a dime before then, nor have I since.

Thankfully, I was a terrible waitress and you all fired me before it could amount to more than a few hundred dollars total. It’s been 20 years, but I still carry great remorse. I am very sorry that I stole from you.

Please accept my apology + this money as a repayment + 20 years of interest. May God forever bless you+ your family.”

The note did not include a name. Instead, the sender signed it, “A thankful former employee.”

Carlotta Flores praised the sender for reaching out. She posted on Facebook on August 1 that the woman’s note had restored her “faith in humanity. If you can’t pay it back, please pay it forward. Thank you to whomever you are for sending us this letter in a week I really needed to see the good in people.”

Her son Ray explained on Facebook that his mother had been robbed just two days before receiving the letter. He described that Carlotta was shopping for groceries when a man “shoved her and stole her purse.” Ray says his mother had been feeling very depressed over that incident, and that the anonymous letter really lifted her spirits.