WATCH: 118 Goats Invade a Boise NEIGHborhood

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They were not kidding.

More than 100 goats invaded a Boise Idaho community Friday morning and began “eating everything in sight.”

An animal control officer showed up but soon realized they were going to need a bigger boat, er, truck to contain the ravaging, but otherwise likely harmless, billies.

Not to give it away too soon, but “We Rent Goats” did come to collect their kids, on a live feed, but not before the puns and memes took off.

So first, Joe Parris of KTVB reported Friday morning just before 10 a.m., “About 100 goats are on the loose right now in a #Boise neighborhood. They are going house to house eating everything in sight. Nobody has a clue where they came from.”

And in minutes, as not to miss a golden opportunity, puns popped. And other brilliance.

great goat invasion 2018

KTVB reported:

“Residents in a West Boise neighborhood woke up to an unusual sight Friday morning: About 100 goats strolling through their yards and down the street. Neighbors say the herd showed up on Summerwind Drive off of Five Mile Road at about 7 a.m., and got to work, snacking on lawns and flower bushes, and stripping the leaves from trees.”

An hour later, Parris tweeted out a video depicting Goat-a-Paloza.

Soon owners “We Rent Goats” arrived and herded their kids into the truck. The company “rents out herds of goats to clear weeds and help with fire suppression on private land and public property,” the station reported. They’d been “grazing nearby when they somehow escaped and set off on a snacking tour of the neighborhood.”

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