WATCH: Detroit Cop Beat Naked Woman in Hospital

Disturbing video obtained by Fox News shows a Detroit police officer beating a naked woman with his fists in a hospital. You can watch the video here. Be aware that it is disturbing and graphic.

The video shows a group of police surrounding a naked, and clearly very disturbed woman near the triage station in a hospital. The woman screams threats and insults at the officers (“I’m ging to kill your mama, ho,” she seems to be saying). The officers try to restrain her but are clearly struggling.

Then one policeman starts punching her, hard, again and again while her back is turned to him.

At one point an officer can be heard yelling at the woman to “stop spitting.”

On Thursday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said he was “concerned” by the video, and promised that his department would investigate the incident. He said the officer who punched the woman had been suspended without pay. The police officer’s name has not yet been released. The woman’s name has not been released either.

Police Were Called Because of the Woman’s “Lewd” Behavior. The Officer Later Began Hitting Her Because She Was Not “Compliant”

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that police officers responded to a “lewd and lascivious” call at about 6:45 PM. When they arrived on the scene, they found the woman walking around naked.

At that point, the woman was fairly passive. Police officers did not cuff her, but covered her with a makeshift robe and drove her to the hospital. The unnamed woman was apparently calm when they first arrived. But as you can see in the video, she quickly began to struggle with the police. Officers tried to subdue her but were unable to.

The police chief said that after she began spitting at them, one officer started hitting her with his fists. That officer has since been suspended.

The Woman Reportedly Bit a Security Officer At the Hospital — And Tried to Bite The Officer Who Later Punched Her

After arriving at the hospital, the situation quickly escalated. According to news reports, the woman quickly became agitated. She reportedly spat at hospital employees. She also reportedly bit a security officer and tried to bite the same police officer who later punched her.

The Person Who Shot The Video Told Fox That The Woman Being Beaten Is a Mentally Ill Patient At the Hospital

Authorities have not given out the name of the woman who appears in the video. They also have not released any details about her.

The video was filmed — and sent to Fox News — by a woman who was in a nearby room visiting a relative in the hospital. She reportedly heard the commotion in the hall and went out to see what was going on.

She told Fox News that she believes the woman in the video is a mentally ill hospital patient. There is no way to immediately verify that claim.

Detroit’s Police Chief Says He Is “Concerned” About The Video. But He Says There’s More to This Story

Detroit’s police chief told Fox that he was “concerned” by the video. He said he was especially concerned by the fact that the police officer kept beating the woman even when her back was turned to him. That officer has been suspended without pay while police conduct an investigation.

But the police chief also stressed that the video doesn’t tell the full story. He said he is waiting for body cam footage from the police officers to piece together the full story.

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