WATCH: Flint Residents Line Up For Clean Drinking Water

A video which claims to show residents of Flint, Michigan lining up to get clean water has gone viral on social media. You can watch it here.

The video was made by “StanceGrounded,” the twitter name of an activist living in Detroit. He’s also the narrator of the video.

The clip shows cars lined up along a road — every now and then they make a little bit of progress forward, but for the most part they stand still. It’s not possible to know for sure whether these cars are actually in Flint, and how long they’ve been waiting.

The narrator, hinting that there might be unrest in the future, says “right now we’re zombies and we’re waiting patiently. Just imagine when a day comes when we don’t have the patience to wait for water and everybody’s running this thing because we’re really thirsty.”

The Flint water crisis began in 2014, when the city of Flint began taking its drinking water from the Flint River. Residents have been told to keep using bottled water for drinking until all of the city’s lead pipes have been replaced.

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