What Time Does Tax Free Weekend Start & End in 2018?

Tax Free Weekend

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Tax free weekend is starting now and one question at the top of many shoppers’ minds is exactly what time tax free weekend starts and ends. The answer may vary depending on which state you’re living in, but in most states, tax-free weekend begins at exactly midnight on the state’s first tax-free day and ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (on the state’s last tax-free day.) Or, if you’re shopping in person, they’ll begin right when the stores open on tax-free weekend and end on Sunday when the stores close. 

Here are more details.

Ten states have officially stated that they are participating in the tax-free holiday this weekend. And out of all those states, only Iowa is ending tax-free weekend on Saturday of this weekend rather than Sunday. The participating states are:

  • Arkansas: Aug. 4-5
  • Florida: August 3-5
  • Iowa: Aug. 3-4
  • Missouri: Aug. 3-5
  • New Mexico: Aug. 3-5
  • Ohio: Aug. 3-5
  • Oklahoma: Aug. 3-5
  • South Carolina: Aug. 3-5
  • Virginia: Aug. 3-5
  • Wisconsin: August 1-5

For most of these states, tax-free weekend starts today and ends on Sunday, August 6. This means that as soon as the stores open, you’ll be able to purchase items without state sales tax until the stores close on Sunday. Some stores will open earlier or stay open later to celebrate tax free weekend, so check their hours to make sure you’re not missing out on valuable shopping time.

Interestingly, although Texas typically participates in Tax Free Weekend during the first weekend of August, the state has decided to do things differently this year. Texas’ tax free weekend won’t be happening until next weekend.

It’s important to note that in most states, you can also buy eligible items tax free online too. When shopping this way, the sales will start at midnight on the first day of tax-free weekend and they’ll end at 11:59 p.m. on the last day. So in most states that are participating this weekend, online tax-free sales will end Sunday at precisely 11:59 p.m. in your time zone.

That means that if you’re shopping online in a state that’s tax free this weekend, you might already be able to start shopping now, depending on what time zone you’re in. However, remember that each online store behaves differently. So before you click that purchase button, check to see if the tax is being applied for qualified items. If it is, you might want to hop onto the store’s online chat system or call customer service to make sure you’re not being charged for tax when you shouldn’t.

In addition to all this, many stores are also offering coupons to celebrate the tax holiday. Check sites like RetailMeNot to see if the stores you’re visiting are offering coupons and special deals on top of tax-free weekend.

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