Yorkdale Mall Is On Lockdown After Shots Fired

Thousands of shoppers were hurriedly evacuated from Yorkdale Mall in Toronto on Thursday afternoon amid reports that an active shooter was on the scene.

Shoppers and staff who couldn’t be immediately evacuated were ordered to “shelter in place” as police continued to hunt for at least two suspects. News and social media reports said that there were no injuries, although some shots were fired.

After the lockdown ended, the mall’s management announced that the shopping center would remain closed for the rest of the day so that police could continue their investigation. The mall is expected to re-open at 10AM on Friday.

Toronto Police Said They Are Seeking At Least Two Suspects in the Shooting

Police tweeted that they are hunting for at least two suspects in the mall shooting. They described them as: one black man in his twenties wearing a black jacket with a hood and blue jeans, and one skinny mixed race man in his twenties with a black handgun.

Police said nobody had been injured in the shots fired.

CTV Released Aerial Video of the Scene Outside the Mall

You can also see video from the ground just outside the mall, here:

and here:

Shoppers Put Up Instagram Stories from Inside the Mall

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