WATCH: Police Falsely Accuse African American Teen of Robbing His Grandmother

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Police in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin stopped a car and ordered the young African American man in the back seat to get out; they then had him drop to his knees and cuffed him because they suspected him of being a carjacker who might be trying to rob the two white women in the car.

It turned out that one of the women in the car was the young man’s grandmother; they were on their way home from church.

You can watch video of the interaction here:

And more video is available here:

Police Said They Were Acting on a Tip About a Black Man Robbing Two White Women

Just before noon on Sunday, September 2, an African American couple in a car flagged down police to tell them that they had seen a young black man attempting to rob two older white women. Wauwatosa Police Captain Brian Zalewski said that the couple told police that the suspect was in the back seat of a blue Lexus, and pointed out the car in question to the police.

Acting on this tip, police pulled over the car containing a teenage African American and two older white women. They pulled their guns and ordered the young man to walk backwards out of the car, get down on his knees, and stay still. Then they put handcuffs on him and ordered him to get into the back of the squad car.

But when police went around to the front seat to check on the white women, they learned that one of the women was, in fact, he suspect’s grandmother. ““This my grandson,” she says in the video. “We’re on our way back from church to my house.”

The Young Man, Akil Carter, Has Hired an Attorney and Says He Was Harassed

The young in the video, Akil Carter, has hired a lawyer named Joy Bertrand to represent him. Bertrand says she is still collecting documents about the case and has not yet decided whether to take action.

“After we take a look at whatever basis they have for stopping and harassing this family, we will be able to comment further,” Bertrand said. “Once we take a look at those documents, we will have further comment.”

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