Animal Shelters Per Each State in Florence’s Path

Getty Matt Murray, a volunteer with an animal rescue organization, carries a small dog he found abandoned beside a flooded home during Hurricane Harvey.

As Hurricane Florence finally makes landfall, thousands of residents in the area have been preparing for Florence’s destruction by stocking up on water and emergency supplies, boarding up windows, and evacuating.

However, every time a major hurricane hits, those in the affected areas are also left scrambling to figure out what to do with their pets. Many hotels don’t allow evacuees fleeing a hurricane to bring their pets with them to hotels, so many are left with the incredibly difficult decision to abandon their pets while they flee or to ride out the storm with their furbabies by their side.

Hurricane Florence

GettyPet-friendly hotels and lodging for Hurricane Florence evacuees.

Many shelters have been preparing for Florence’s landfall by relocating pets in shelters in the projected path of the hurricane and moving them to shelters that aren’t expected to to be hit by the storm. Several shelters are also significantly lowering or waiving adoption fees altogether to help free up room for displaced pets even quicker. If you are in the market for a new pet, now is the perfect time to look into adopting a local shelter animal.

If you or a loved one had to leave a pet behind, had a pet run away during the storm, or are desperately trying to find shelter for your pet while you evacuate, there are several rescue organizations and shelters across each state in Florence’s path.

Below is a list of humane societies, shelters, rescue organizations and phone numbers, in each of the states in Florence’s path.

North Carolina

South Carolina

There are several more rescues organizations and breed-specific rescues found here.


Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C. & West Virginia

According to USA Today, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C. and West Virginia all have the potential to get large amounts of rainfall and some potential flooding. However, since none of these states are in Florence’s direct path, specific repercussions from Florence this far from landfall are still uncertain.

If you are in need of a humane society, shelter or rescue organization in any of the above states, you can find a list of all shelters here.

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