Arthur Medici: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Arthur Medici is the 26 year old man whose life was tragically cut short when he was killed by a shark in the waters off of Cape Cod on Saturday afternoon.

Wellfleet Police Lieutenant Michael Hurley told the press that Medici had been attacked in the waters off of Newcomb Hollow Beach, in Wellfleet, just after noon on Saturday. Medici was rushed to the hospital but died there of injuries sustained in the shark attack.

Medici is the first man in over 80 years to be killed by a shark in Massachusetts. He’s the second man to be wounded by a shark in the US this year. Here’s what you need to know about Arthur Medici:

1. Medici and a Friend Were Boogie Boarding About 30 Yards From the Shore When the Shark Attacked

Witnesses say they saw Medici and his friend boogie boarding, and then notice that Medici seemed to be kicking at something in the water. Joe Booth, a local fisherman, said he saw a tail in the water. Then he saw Medici’s friend hurry to shore, carrying Medici with him.

Medici was unconscious and bleeding heavily by the time he got to the beach. Other beach-goers wrapped his legs in towels and tried to turn a boogie board into a makeshift tourniquet. Some tried to revive Medici by administering CPR.

When rescue workers arrived, they rushed him to a nearby hospital. But it was too late — Medici never revived and died in the hospital.

2. Medici Was Born and Raised in Revere, Massachusetts

Medici was born in Revere, Massachusetts. He spent his life in that town.


Revere is a small town in Massachusetts; it’s about an hour and a half from Cape Cod. Medici appears to speak fluent Portuguese, as well as English; he communicates with friends on Facebook in Portuguese.

He also is a fan of Empadas e Cia, a Brazilian catering company that specializes in Brazilian-style empanadas.

3. Medici Was in a Long-Term Relationship

It’s hard not to see that Arthur Medici was a man who loved the ocean. His Facebook page says that he was in a relationship, and had been since December, 2016.

Medici posted a photo of himself lovingly embracing a woman at around sunset on a beach. The photo was posted back in December 2017; both he and his girlfriend seem lost to the world outside of themselves.

4. Bodyboarding Was Medici’s Favorite Sport

Medici’s Facebook page names a site called Like Bodyboarding as his favorite sport. The 26 year old was an avid body boarder who liked to buy his gear at Revo. Of course, at the time of his death, he was boogie boarding off the coast of Cape Cod.

That’s when the shark unexpectedly attacked him, in the event that tragically cut short his young life. Medici was wearing a wetsuit and flippers when he was attacked by the shark. The 26 year old was enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends.

5. Medici Graduated From Bunker Hill Community College and Worked at the Burlington Grill

Medici was a lifelong resident of Revere, Massachusetts. He was an avid outdoorsman and an adventurer. But in his professional life, he didn’t go far from home.

Medici studied at Bunker Hill Community College. And he worked at the Burlington Grill in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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