Bridget McCain Social Media: Does She Have Instagram or Facebook?

Bridget McCain


Bridget McCain is the adopted daughter of John and Cindy McCain. She was adopted from Bangladesh in 1991, after Cindy visited an orphanage in the country. As Bridget mourns the loss of her father, many people are wondering if she has social media.

Bridget McCain, 27, does have a Facebook account, but it looks like she hasn’t updated it in more than a year. It’s possible that she adjusted the privacy settings so that the public can’t see her current posts.

Last year, Bridget shared a selfie that appeared to have been taken in Hawaii. You can see it below.

In the past, Bridget has shared vacation pictures and pictures with her college friends. She shared a picture from a trip to Disney back in 2014, and a photo jumping into the stunning blue waters of what appears to be Bora Bora, back in 2011. Bridget tagged her mom, Cindy, in the post.

Bridget has also shared a couple of photos with her siblings; one with her brother, Jack, and another with her sister, Meghan, from six years ago, which you can see below.

When Bridget was in school, she posted a few photos with a guy, who may have been her boyfriend at the time. Although the two could have been “just friends,” some people commented on how cute the two were together, making it seem like they were in a relationship. The man wasn’t tagged and it’s unknown if Bridget is still dating him — the photos are from 2010.

Bridget does not appear to have a public-facing Instagram account. It is possible that she uses the site to share photos with her family and friends, but her username is unknown.

Almost all of Bridget’s siblings are active on Facebook. Her sister, Meghan McCain is very active on social media, but she is the only McCain child that keeps a social media presence because of her job. Meghan McCain is currently a co-host on The View.

Bridget McCain made a few public appearances back in 2008, when her father ran for president. Although she was only a teenager at the time, she went on the campaign trail with her dad, and her adoption story became part of several McCain speeches.

Now, Bridget McCain, along with her six siblings, will big farewell to her dad, who died on August 25, one year after being diagnosed with brain cancer, on Saturday.

On Thursday, August 30, Bridget McCain read a Bible verse at her dad’s memorial service at North Phoenix Baptist Church.

“There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens. A time to give birth, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant,” Bridget McCain read from Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes.

Bridget McCain will be with her mom and siblings on Saturday at McCain’s memorial service.

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