Andrew Cuomo Says He’ll ‘Become a Journalist’ If He Can’t Be Governor of NY

New York governor Andrew Cuomo faces a primary challenge from Cynthia Nixon, the one-time Sex and the City star who’s fought a tough campaign against Cuomo.

On Thursday, reporters asked Cuomo what he would do if — hypothetically — he lost the primary election. Would he continue to run for governor on a minority party ticket? Or would he pack it all in and drop out of the race?

Cuomo fired back, “No, I’m going to become a journalist and second guess everybody.”

Cuomo, not generally known for his quick repartee, managed to silence journalists with that particular zinger. His brother, Chris Cuomo, is a journalist who works for CNN.

Recent Polls Show Cuomo Way, Way Ahead of Cynthia Nixon

The most recent poll, released by Siena College Research Institute, puts Cuomo 41 points ahead of Cynthia Nixon. Nixon has lagged far behind Cuomo in every poll since she declared her candidacy. The closest poll put her 22 points behind of Cuomo.

But Cuomo has been spending hard on the campaign, emptying his 30 million dollar war chest to buy expensive ads. He even recruited former vice president Joe Biden to campaign on his behalf.

Cuomo’s campaign has been full of scandals. Many New Yorkers were angered after Cuomo named a bridge after his father, former New York governor and liberal icon Mario Cuomo. But that anger turned into scandal when it became clear that the new Mario Cuomo bridge had opened before it was even safe to use. Engineers scrambled to make sure that pieces of the old Tappan Zee bridge wouldn’t fall and injure drivers crossing the Mario Cuomo bridge.

Cuomo’s campaign was also slammed for allegedly sending out a mailing which implied that Cynthia Nixon was anti-semitic. But so far, there’s no indication that the scandals have hurt his campaign.

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