David Reynolds: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David Reynolds is the Topeka, Kansas man who posted a video on Facebook after police carrying AR-15’s broke down his door and burst into his apartment. The video, which shows Reynolds verbally confronting the police after they had kicked open his door, went viral on social media. You can see the video — and read Reynolds’ original Facebook post — here.

Police say they were responding to reports that an armed Hispanic man was threatening a woman in Reynolds’ apartment. But after entereing and searching the apartment, they found that there was nobody there — just Reynolds and his dog.

Here’s what you need to know about David Reynolds:

1. Police Said When They First Knocked on Reynold’s Door, He Was Wearing Latex Gloves and Underwear — And Slammed the Door in Their Faces

Police first knocked on Reynolds’ door because they got a complaint from a neighbor who said she believed that a woman was being held and threatened in Reynolds’ apartment. She told police that she heard loud noises and that she herself felt threatened. When police showed up and knocked on Reynolds’ door, they said Reynolds answered the door wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and latex gloves. He refused to answer their questions and slammed the door in their faces.

Reynolds says in fact, he was in the middle of washing his dog when the police knocked on his door. He was wearing underwear because dog washing is a messy job; that’s also why he was wearing the gloves. But his appearance, and his refusal to answer questions, worried the police. So they came back and broke the door down.

2. Police Told Reynolds to Get Down to the Ground, Then Cuffed Him and Dragged Him Into the Living Room

After Reynolds refused to answer their questions, police came back with reinforcements. They kicked down his door and entered his apartment with their AR-15s drawn. Then they ordered Reynolds to get down on the ground, where they cuffed him and dragged him to the living room.

With Reynolds cuffed, police then searched the apartment, looking for a woman. They had been responding to a complaint that a woman was being held and threatened in that apartment. But after a thorough search, police didn’t find any woman; Reynolds had been alone in the apartment. The police also didn’t find any weapons.

3. Reynolds Told Police That He Is ‘Well Versed’ In the Law Because He’s Done Time Before

Reynolds’ viral video shows him yelling at police officers after they broke down his door and entered his apartment. There’s a little confusion about why, exactly, the police entered his apartment. Police later said they had entered because they believed there was a domestic dispute taking place. But Reynolds seemed to think they had entered to search for a gun.

He tells police that even if he did have a gun, there would be nothing illegal about that. Reynolds tell the cops that he is “well versed” in the law and that he knows it isn’t illegal for an ordinary citizen to own a rifle. But he also admits that he himself is a felon who would not be allowed to own a rifle.

The police, Reynolds says, had no way of knowing that he was a felon when they kicked down his door and entered his home. In a video made later and posted to his Facebook account, Reynolds said, “I don’t care how big your gun is, or how many badges you have. I don’t care. This is my house. I know my rights. I’m not worried about how you feel about the fact that I don’t comply with people I don’t know in my own home.”

4. Reynolds Said He Was Just Home in Between Classes When the Police Burst In

Reynolds told police that he is a former felon who has done time; now, he’s focused on getting his life in order. He is taking classes. His apartment is clean. He’s taking care of his dog. His Facebook page is full of pictures of himself, his mother, and a little girl who may be his daughter.

Reynolds says that he was just home between classes when the police kicked down his door. He said he came home and started to wash his dog. He was dressed in just underwear and a pair of latex gloves because, he said, washing his dog is a messy job and he didn’t want to mess up his clothes or his hands. So, when police first came to his door, Reynolds didn’t let them in or answer their questions.

It wasn’t until the police actually broke down his door that Reynolds started to interact with them.

5. Reynolds Admires Colin Kaepernick and Has Posted About the Amber Guyger Case

Reynolds often posts to Facebook about politics and about the news. He has posted about Amber Guyger, the Dallas police officer who entered a man’s home and shot him dead. He has also posted about Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL player who started a protest movement, leading to NFL players to kneel in protest during the playing of the National Anthem.

Reynolds has repeatedly posted about his own situation and his response to it. He’s gotten a wide range of responses to it, from people telling him that he should have “complied” with police asking him to let them in in the first place, to others applauding him for his response.

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