Empire State Building Lights Tonight: Why Blue & Magenta?


The Empire State Building is lit up blue and magenta on the night of September 27. According to the building’s official website, the colors are in honor of the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund.

On September 27, the fund will host a special event at the United Nations Dining Room that will feature actress Kristen Bell, Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund Global Advocate, as well as French singer Louane and CBS News’ Lara Logan. The event “will focus on “Innovating and Challenging the Status Quo.”” The event is being live-streamed here.

The full program for events can be read here. The programme says that event “concludes with the lighting of New York City’s Empire State Building in support of WPHF.

The WPHF Seeks to Protect Women & Girls’ Human Rights

Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund2018-09-18T21:37:23Z

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund is a group that seeks to empower women across the world. Their website reads, “From Jordan to Burundi, the Solomon Islands to Colombia, we aim to amplify the voices of women and support their vital work to prevent conflict, respond to crises, and accelerate peace in their communities.” Among the group’s goals is to, Support women’s participation in decision-making processes and responses related to conflict prevention, to Enhance women’s representation and leadership in formal and informal peace negotiations and to Protect women and girls’ human rights.

The Empire State Building’s Lighting System Is Capable of Showing 16 Million Colors

The Empire State Building's brand new lookFor 80 years — since the original "King Kong" was released — the Empire State Building has been world-famous. In 2012, the New York City icon got a makeover that should help it keep its star power. Jeff Glor reports.2013-01-01T15:06:36Z

Since 1976, the Empire State Building’s lights have alternated through different colors to honor various days of celebration as well as organizations. The lights are controlled by an LED system that was installed in 2012. That system is capable of demonstrating 16 million different colors. The various light shows from over the years can be viewed on the building’s official YouTube channel. Any organization or group can apply to become a “Lighting Partner” by filling out this form. Personal or political lighting requests are not accepted.

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