Hurricane Florence: How Bad Will the Flooding Be in Charlotte, NC?

hurricane florence storm surges

National Weather Service Though Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, it's still caused storm surges up to 10 feet in some areas, with the worst of the flooding still expected to come.

Though Charlotte is farther inland and likely won’t experience the effect of major storm surges that cities along the coastline will experience, it’s still vulnerable to significant flooding from Hurricane Florence for the next few days.

Charlotte currently has a 60 percent chance of experiencing gale-force winds and a high chance of receiving anywhere from six to 15 inches of rain over the next few days.

Here’s what you need to know.

Charlotte Might Receive Up to 15 Inches of Rain Starting on Friday

charlotte nc flooding risk

National Weather Service

The NWS warns of flooding and rainfall in the Charlotte area over the weekend, with “hazardous” weather conditions starting on Friday. The “hazardous weather statement” reads,

“Tropical cyclone Florence is expected to move slowly westward after
making landfall along the Carolina coast on Friday. Despite weakening
quickly to a tropical storm and tropical depression as it moves west
through the western Carolinas and northeast Georgia, it will bring
very significant impacts to the region through the weekend and
possibly into Monday. Very heavy rainfall due to Florence is becoming
increasingly likely this weekend. Prepare now for flooding rainfall,
landslides along steep terrain in and near the mountains, and gusty
winds that could damage trees and power lines. In addition, the
threat of isolated tornadoes will increase across the area on Sunday.
The track of Florence, and the latest forecast of the elements, will
need to be monitored very closely over the next several days.”