Massachusetts Gas Explosions Are Not Terrorism

Massachusetts Gas Explosions not terrorism

Massachusetts State Police

The gas explosions that are devastating parts of Massachusetts are not related to terrorism. Boston25 news producer Matthew Touchette reports that despite the heavy involvement of the FBI and the Massachusetts State Police, there is no evidence suggesting the explosions are terrorism-related. WCVB reports that the FBI will assist Massachusetts’ State Fire Marshal’s Office in the investigation as to what caused the original fire.

The Associated Press reports that four people have been taken to local hospitals after the series of explosions that occurred north of Boston on the afternoon of September 13. Around 39 explosions have been reported in homes in Lawrence, North Andover and Andover. Officials have said that there is a chance that the number will grow.

Speaking to USA Today Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon said that the fire is so strong, “you can’t even see the sky.” While WCVB reports that the smell of gas is so strong, it was making people feel ill.

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Mike Mudry

Please detail what credentials you have to say it wasn’t terrorism? Please provide the number of years you spent working gas lines, running gas operations, developing gas distribution software, and network security administration as well as your employer for each of these rolls. You know nothing John Snow.


The fact that excessive pressure occurred to the point of multiple explosions in such a dense area is evidence of terrorism. Because, there are too many redundant safety features in the system. This looks like someone hacked the gas company & created the pressure while turning off alarms, disabling safety or preventive systems, and knowing the result. There is no way that so many, 60-8,000 homes, can all have defective meters. Does anyone really think there would not be an over-pressure check, or pop-off valve, to prevent this very thing. This would be a very simple safety feature that is within many pressure systems for 100 years. To even say it is Not, so early, is suspicious.

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