New York Fire Near Me: See King’s Plaza Fire Location, Map & Photos

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New York has not been in danger of wildfires recently like so many states on the other side of the country. But firefighters have been battling a seven-alarm fire in King’s Plaza, and people are being warned to stay indoors with their windows closed due to the smoke. Eighteen firefighters have been injured fighting the flames along with three civilians, but none seriously, CBS News reported. More recent news from FDNY has indicated that the fire may be under control.

Location of Kings Plaza Fire

New York’s Fire Department doesn’t seem to have an active, official map of the fires in New York or specifically in New York City. But here is a map of Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, so you can do your best to avoid the area. If for any reason the map below doesn’t appear, you can view it here.

Specifically, the fire is at 5100 Kings Plaza. King’s Plaza Shopping Center overlooks part of Mill Basin, and is near H&M and Home Depot, off Flatbrush Avenue and Avenue U. The Marine Park Golf Course is nearby, along with Main House BBQ, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Sam Ash Music Stores, FedEx, Nick’s Lobster House, Monsignore Crawford Field, and a Petco and McDonald’s not too far away, down Flatbush Avenue.

Multiple cars have caught fire from this blaze, which broke out around 8:25 a.m. in the Kings Plaza parking garage. Vehicles were burning on the second and third floors of the fire in Marine Park. King’s Plaza was closed due to the fire, ABC NY reported.

The fire may finally be unde control, according to recent FDNY reports.

Here are more videos of the fire:

King’s Plaza itself includes stores like Macy’s, JCPenney, and Best Buy.

NYPD noted on Twitter that Flatbush Avenue between Avenue U and BeltParkway was closed due to the fire. Drivers should exit through Exit 9 Knapp Street or Exit 13 Rockaway Parkway.

How to See Wildfires in the Area

Despite the significant fire in Kings Plaza, there are no wildfires in the area today, according to NIFC.  Many states like California, Utah, Washington, and Oregon are dealing with extensive fires. But New York is not even on the list.

In fact, New York State’s Fire Danger Map lists New York as bieng in the all clear, with a low (no) fire warning.

NY.govNew York Fire Danger

Inciweb’s map of fires in the New York area also does not include any current fires.

You might be interested to know that Google has a Public Advisory map which includes not only weather warnings, but warnings about fires as reported by Inciweb. None are currently listed. You can see the map by clicking on this link. A screenshot is below.

Although helpful, Google’s Maps typically focus on wildfires rather than fires like the Kings Plaza fire.

Google Public Alerts Map

GoogleGoogle Public Alerts Map

Google also has a Crisis Map with similar, but more detailed information here. This map is embeddable, but may not always be viewable below. If it’s not, try the link.

These maps are helpful for when wildfires are in the region, but aren’t always so helpful for shorter-lived fires like the Kings Plaza fire.

How to Stay Updated on the Kings Fire & Other New York Fires

A great way to stay updated on fires in New York is by following FDNY on Twitter.

You can also follow NYPD News on Twitter or NYPD 63rd Precinct.

This is a developing story.