Here’s Why Ted Cruz Thinks the NYT Op-Ed Piece Was a Democrat

Democrat op-ed writer ted cruz

Getty Ted Cruz claimed that the writer of the explosive NYT op-ed piece about a "secret resistance" inside the White House was probably a Democrat.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Sen. Ted Cruz suggested that the anonymous Trump official who wrote the New York Times op-ed detailing a “secret resistance” inside the White House actually might have been a Democrat.

You can watch the video below:

Cruz said of the op-ed, “I think it’s certainly troubling but it’s something we’ve been dealing with…from the beginning of the presidency, which is people within the administration fighting against the president, fighting against what we’re trying to accomplish.”

Cruz continued, “That phenomenon is nothing new. It’s been true in past Republican presidencies that you’ve had Democrats within the government fighting to resist the priorities, but it’s never been this bad. It’s never been this many partisans deeply within the machinery of government fighting to try to prevent what we’re trying to accomplish.”

When the TMZ reporter pointed out that the author of the op-ed has claimed to be a senior Trump official who Trump would probably have hired himself, Cruz said, “Well, look: you’re assuming that. Who knows who it is? The New York Times ran it as totally anonymous, they call it a ‘senior person,’ this is Washington, D.C., everyone calls themselves a ‘senior person.'”

When asked who he thought the author could be, Cruz replied, “No idea.”

There are few to no Democrats currently working in the highest levels of the Trump administration, counter to what Cruz said. In fact, the Trump administration has been so partisan that Trump only invited one Democrat to his first state dinner in April, 2018: Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

Edwards, of course, doesn’t work at the White House.

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