Pole Creek Fire & Bald Mountain Fire: Maps, Containment, & Evacuation Updates


The Bald Mountain and Pole Creek fires are so close that many sources are now merging them into one. The fires were caused by lightning, but they have quickly grown in size and necessitated numerous evacuations. Read on for more details about the fires, including containment, size, and maps.

Pole Creek & Bald Mountain Fire Maps & Size

Bald Mountain and Pole Creek Fire Map

Utah Fire InfoBald Mountain and Pole Creek Fire Map

According to Utah Fire Info, the Bald Mountain Fire is now 17,760 acres and 0 percent contained. The Pole Creek fire is 62,844 acres. (Inciweb places the Pole Creek Fire at 68,347 acres and 2 percent contained.) Both fires were caused by lightning. You can see Inciweb’s official maps of the fires above. Inciweb discusses both fires under the Pole Creek Fire page.

You can view an interactive map of the fires on Google Maps below. This map includes perimeters of the fires, shelters, closures, evacuations and pre-evacuation notices. If the map is not immediately indicating the fire, you can zoom in to see the fire or click here to view it.

Another map is below.

And a link to a 3D map:

Here’s a video from Saturday night’s community meeting about the two fires.

Evacuation Details & How to Get Updates

Here are the current evacuation details according to Inciweb. However, evacuation notices can change quickly. Contact your local emergency officials for the most recent updates. The information line for the fire is 406-848-1940, but that is only open Monday-Friday, 8-5. You can also follow Utah Fire Info on Twitter or Facebook.  The U.S. Forest Service Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Facebook page is also sharing updates here.

Evacuations have been issued in the area which include more than 5,000 residents in Woodland Hills and Elk Ridge, plus Covered Bridge Canyon and Spanish Fork Canyon, KSL reported.

Pre-evacuation notices have been issued for Diamond Fork Canyon.

An evacuation center is set up at Salem Hills High School at 150 Skyhawk Blvd. in Salem. Self-sufficient campers, trailers, and RVs can also park in the parking lot of the high school, and evacuees will have access to bathrooms 24 hours a day.

A Facebook page to help coordinate animal evacuations is here.

Closures include parts of U.S. Highway 6, U.S. Highway 89 (in Spanish Fork Canyon from Thistle Junction to the Utah/Sanpete county line), and the Nebo Loop Round and Nephi Canyon Road at the State Route 132 turnoff in Juab County.

Inciweb noted on Saturday night: “The area closure includes all National Forest System lands east of the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway (Forest Service road #015) including the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway (Forest Service road #015) starting on the north side of the Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway (Forest Service road #015) at Maple Dell Boy Scout camp going south along Nebo Loop National Scenic Byway ( Forest Service road #015) to the intersection with Salt Creek road ( Forest Service road #048) and all National Forest System lands north of Pole Creek road (Forest Service road #016). The Pole Creek road (Forest Service road #016) is open to the end of the road where it intersects with Forest Service trail #113.” 

On September 15, Inciweb noted that the fire was still very active.

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1 Comment

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