REPORT: Axios Falsely Claims U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Is Planning to Resign

Rod Rosenstein fired

Getty Rod Rosenstein was fired from his position as U.S. Attorney General on Monday.

A new report by Axios reveals that U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has “verbally resigned” to Chief of Staff John Kelly, after New York Times report that he was overheard considering invoking the 25th Amendment on Trump earlier in the year.

A second source told Axios, “He’s expecting to be fired,” which is the main reason for why he has reportedly chosen to resign at this time.


However, there are conflicting reports that say Rosenstein is not planning to resign, with Pete Williams of NBC reporting that Rosenstein has explicitly said that if Trump wants him out, he will have to fire him.

The confusion over Rosenstein’s future comes after New York Times report that revealed multiple sources who confirmed Rosenstein had considered recording conversations with Trump earlier in the year as a means of conveying the “chaos” within the White House.

The report alleges that Rosenstein made this suggestion, as well as the suggestion of recruiting other Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment on Trump, in the spring of 2017, following Trump’s firing of James Comey.


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