Suzanne Matan Is the Blonde Woman Sitting Behind Kavanaugh [PHOTOS]

Getty Suzanne Matan is sitting behind Kavanaugh

The blonde woman that you can see sitting behind Brett Kavanaugh during his testimony today is Suzanne Matan, a friend. Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley Kavanaugh, is the brown-haired woman seated on his left (from the viewer’s perspective.) Seated on his right from the viewer’s perspective, the blonde woman is Matan.

Suzanne Matan Has Been Friends with Kavanaugh Since High School

Suzanne Matan is a long-time friend of Brett Kavanaugh. She went on Fox News, along with friend Julie Devol, to talk about how they signed a letter supporting Kavanaugh.


Matan is from the D.C. area, according to her LinkedIn profile. She said in a Fox interview that she first met Kavanaugh during her sophomore year in high school, when she was attending a private school, and they quickly became friends. She said they stayed pen pals through college and their daughters were born a day apart. They remained close when their daughters ended up joining the same lacrosse team.

“(I) spent many hours on the sidelines talking about old times and getting to know his wife Ashley,” she said.

Matan was sitting next to Zina Bash, who went viral the last time Kavanaugh testified when she was the one seated directly behind him.


Matan is on Kavanaugh’s calendar from high school, with a note that says “Go to Grease II with Suzanne.”

She said she didn’t believe the allegations.

“I immediately discounted it. He’s bright. He’s honest. He’s kind. And he’s respectable and so the allegation is something that is completely opposite of the Brett that I knew then and the Brett that I know now.”


She told The New York Times that in high school, Kavanaugh and his friends were safe and fun and respectful.

“These guys weren’t any different than other boys high schools across the country. And I chose to hang out with those boys and many other girls did, too, because they were fun, and they were safe, and they were respectful.”

The Other Blonde Woman You See from Time to Time Is Laura Cox Kaplan

GettyLaura Cox Kaplan tears up as Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh testifies

Another blonde woman who is seen behind Brett Kavanaugh from time to time, sitting next to his parents, is Laura Cox Kaplan. She is the creator and host of the She Said She Said Podcast (an earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the name as She Said He Said, but it is She Said She Said.) She is also a firm supporter of Kavanaugh and has said that she and Kavanaugh have been friends for almost 20 years.

This is a developing story.

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