A wildfire in Herriman, Utah is moving north amid heavy winds. Emergency workers are warning that they are having trouble putting out the fire — officials are evacuating residents from key areas. Meanwhile, a second fire has been sparked near the interstate.

KUTV is reporting that there are two separate fire wreaking havoc in the area today. The first started in Herriman and has already destroyed three homes, according to local officials. The second sparked near the I-80.

You can see video of the smoke and flames here.

You can see more video here:

You can see a photo of the billowing black smoke against a clear blue sky here:

and here

And more photos are available here:

And you can see emergency workers battling the flames here:

The Fire, The Second One This Week, Started At About 2PM Local Time

This is the second time this week that Herriman has suffered a field fire. So far, officials say they don’t know how the fire, which started out as a 2-alarm fire and then was upgraded to a 3-alarm fire as it spread, first got started. Officials have been going door to door, ringing bells and knocking on doors to alert residents to the danger. They are asking people to leave their homes and go to an evacuation site instead.

Herriman City officials announced a mandatory evacuation for Hi County.

Evacuees are being told to gather at Butterfield Canyon Elementary School (6860 Mary Leizan Ln, Herriman).

Reports on social media said that the air quality throughout the area was very poor, because of the billows of black smoke from the fires. Butterfield Canyon was finally chosen as the evacuation zone because the air quality was far better.

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