WATCH: Naked Man Swims in Florida Family’s Pool

YouTube Skinny dipper in Ocoee

Naked man caught on surveillance video in Ocoee poolSurveillance video showed a naked man swimming in an Ocoee mother's pool.2018-09-24T21:59:23.000Z

A man snuck into a family pool in Ocoee, Florida and spent almost half an hour skinny dipping in their pool — until the family dog chased the brazen swimmer out of the yard.

The video shows a man wearing just a pair of shorts going into a yard in Ocoee. The man goes into the family pool, strips off his shorts, and then spends a long time going in and out of the pool, aimlessly. He didn’t seem to realize that his entire escapade was caught on tape. Finally, the family dog appeared and chased the strange man out of the yard. The trespassing swimmer has not be identified yet.

The family has two daughters and had set up a surveillance camera just outside their daughters’ bedroom. You can watch the video, which shows the skinny dipping stranger taking advantage of the family’s pool, right here.

The woman who owns the house said she was terrified by the idea that a strange man had been naked in her back yard and added that she almost couldn’t bear to think about what his intentions might have been — especially since he was so close to her daughters’ window. She said she was so frightened that she didn’t want to appear on the local news, even though she shared the surveillance video with News 6. The woman’s neighbors, a young couple with an infant daughter, told reporters that they felt shaken up by the news and said they were planning to have an alarm system installed in their home.

Police have asked the homeowner to look at a photo array, and said they might be ready to see whether she can pick up the trespassing skinny dipper from a line up. So far, there is no word as to the trespasser’s identity. This is a developing story which will be updated if more information becomes available.

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