Wyoming Fire Map: List of Fires Near Me Right Now

Inciweb Wyoming Fires Near Me

More than 23,000 acres are on fire right now in Wyoming, according to NIFC. This includes two fires that are new. Read on to learn more details about the fires in Wyoming and where they are located.

Several interactive maps are available for Wyoming fires. One, by FireWeatherAvalanche.org, is here. This one does list the Ryan Fire, but the other fires aren’t seen on the map, so it’s not clear quite how updated the map is. NWCG.gov also has a map of current large incidents for fires in the U.S. here. This map appears to be updated more regularly.

One of the best maps is simply found on Inciweb. Here’s a screenshot:

Wyoming Fire Map

InciwebWyoming Fire Map

Another interactive fire map, provided by ARCGIS, can be viewed below or at this link. You may need to zoom in to see Wyoming:

You can also see weather warnings and Inciweb fire notices in Wyoming in Google’s Crisis map at this link or below.

Britania Mountain Fire

This fire is not listed on NIFC’s website, but it is on Inciweb’s map. The fire was last updated on September 8 and it was 32,089 acres and 95 percent contained. It hasn’t been updated to being an inactive fire, but Inciweb also hasn’t updated the page on the fire in quite a while.

According to Tri-State Livestock News, the fire has been 100 percent controlled for a few days, but there are still several pockets of unburned vegetation inside the fire perimeter. Local fire crews are keeping an eye out for flareups.

Marten Creek Fire

This fire in the Bridger-Teton National Forest is 3,513 acres and 0 percent contained. It’s 13 miles east of Afton in the Greys River area near Marten Creek, and was caused by human activity. The fire is located at 42.706 latitude, -110.679 longitude, according to Inciweb. Campers in the area should be evacuated.

Inciweb noted: “The Greys River Rd #10138 is closed south of Sheep Creek/McDougal Gap road and Greys River confluence to Spring Creek road. An Emergency Area Closure has also been implemented.” 

The following is an area closure map from September 18:


Roosevelt Fire

This fire in the Bridger-Teton National Forest is 5,000 acres and 0 percent contained. It’s 32 miles south of Jackson and the cause is unknown. It’s at approximately 43.041 latitude, -110.587 longitude.  The fire is in Upper Hoback, south of Bondurant, Wyoming.

Evacuations are in effect for Upper Hoback, Rolling Thunder/Jim Bridger Estates, Inciweb noted, but those evacuations are not for private property. If shelter is needed, call SCSO at 367-4378. Sublette County has urged homeowners to be ready for evacuation if needed.

This first map is an Upper Hoback Evacuation map issued on September 18:


This next map is a Roosevelt Fire area closure map from September 17:

This last map is a Rolling Thunder/Jim Bridger Estates Evacuation Map for September 18:

Ryan Fire

Ryan Fire Map

InciwebRyan Fire Map

This fire in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is 2,470 acres and 0 percent contained. It’s 27 miles northwest of Walden. This fire is near the Colorado-Wyoming border, 27 miles northwest of Walden, Colorado, near 40.978 latitude, -106.747 longitude according to Inciweb. The fire’s cause isn’t known.

Inciweb noted that increased cloud cover and lighter winds helped firefighters minimize growth on Monday. According to Inciweb, the following closure orders are in place: “An area closure is in place for National Forest System lands surrounding the Ryan Fire to ensure the protection of the public and fire personnel and will remain in effect until rescinded. This closure is on portions of both the Routt and Medicine Bow National Forests. The Ryan Fire area closure will primarily affect hunters with licenses in game management unit 161 in Colorado, as well as elk area 13 and deer area 81 in Wyoming. Hunters are encouraged to obtain a copy of the area closure map before heading into the field. ”

Silver Creek Fire

This fire in the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest is 12,214 acres and 35 percent contained. It’s 16 miles northwest of Kremmling.