Cesar Sayoc Was a Male Stripper But Not a Chippendale

Cesar Sayoc Male Stripper

Facebook/Cesar Sayoc

The man suspected of sending mail bombs to prominent Donald Trump critics across the country previously worked as a male stripper. Cesar Sayoc said on his now-deleted LinkedIn page that he worked as a promoter for the Chippendale male stripper organization as a promoter, as well as being a promoter for a burlesque show in the Miami-area. While on his Facebook page, Sayoc said that he was employed by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida. NBC News reports that Sayoc was not employed by the hotel. The Seminole Tribe said in a statement that Sayoc was not a registered member.

Cesar Sayoc Facebook page

Sayoc, 56, was arrested on the morning of October 26 in Plantation, Florida, without incident. He has denied sending the mail bombs and has requested a lawyer, according to NBC’s Tom Winter. Sayoc’s various social media pages, which have not been deleted, showed that he is a passionate Donald Trump supporter and was a critic of the Democratic Party and liberal causes.

Cesar Sayoc

Facebook/Cesar Sayoc

Speaking to the Washington Examiner, Ohio event promoter Tony Valentine said that Sayoc had previously worked for him. Valentine described Sayoc as a “big muscle head” who “wanted to be a professional wrestler.” Valentine added, “He really couldn’t find his niche in life, and I guess he found it now. Back in the nineties, he was running around from Minnesota to the Carolinas to Florida. He was like a gypsy. He would show up and do an individual act and leave. He was dancing for a guy out in Oklahoma, too.” Valentine said that Sayoc’s career as a stripper was over saying, “He’s like 900 years old now. I wouldn’t hire a 50- or 60-year-old stripper.”

The Chippendales put out a statement denying that Sayoc ever worked for them. TMZ reports that Sayoc actually worked for Gold Productions, a company that has been sued multiple times by the Chippendales for infringement. In 2014, TMZ says that Sayoc had a judge approve his out-of-state job travel, that job was, Sayoc said, with the Chippendales. The organization maintains that he never worked with them.

Sayoc’s cousin told NBC News, “[Sayoc’s] been in the strip clubs since he was 22, that was his life. He was a male dancer and he wanted to be a wrestler. He was taking steroids. He was all buffed up… He was built like a rock.”

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