Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Calls Police on Model Hamdia Ahmed

Hamdia Ahmed

Facebook - Public Photo Hamdia Ahmed, a Muslim model, shared an incident involving a Dunkin' Donuts employee who refused her service because Ahmed spoke her native language in the drive thru.

Hamdia Ahmed, a Muslim model, activist, and the first Miss Maine contestant to wear a hijab and burkini during the pageant, took to Twitter to share a story involving a Portland, Maine Dunkin’ Donuts employee earlier Monday afternoon.

According to Ahmed, she pulled up to the drive-thru speaker and was conversing with her family in her native language when the employee allegedly told Ahmed to leave the property and called the police.

In the video above, Ahmed can be heard saying “you’re going to disrespect me because I speak a different language than you?” to a woman on the speaker, who replies “it has nothing to do with your language, you can leave.” Ahmed disagrees with the woman’s denial, and continues “I was talking to me family.” The Dunkin’ Donuts employee replies curtly, “I don’t want to hear it, I’m done with it, you can leave.”

Ahmed shared the video on Twitter, and although the video didn’t record the employee saying it, Ahmed claims that she was called a “b–ch,” by another employee before the woman called the police. She also mentioned that she was told she wasn’t allowed to return to the Dunkin’ Donuts location in question, which was in Portland, Maine on St. John’s street, as she stated in the comments of her tweet.

“Guys, I need your help,” Ahmed wrote on Twitter. “Today my family and I want @dunkindonuts. Before we even place our order through the dr thru, we were told to leave for speaking in our native language. We were called a ‘bitch.’ The police were called on us, and now can’t go back their. I am disgusted.”

Ahmed then shared a picture of the employee, who has yet to be named. You can see the picture of the employee below.

Ahmed, who has over 5.5 thousand followers on Twitter, gave the location of the Dunkin’ Donuts in the comments of thread, as angry users reacted to her video.

“Wicked bad look for you @dunkindonuts. I’ve bought my last regular cawfee for a while. FYI,” one user wrote in the comments. Another user exclaimed that the incident was “awful!,” while another called Ahmed stunning and brave for standing up for herself.

She also shared the story on Facebook, where she gave more detail about the incident, writing that she was served with a trespass citation over the incident after the shift supervisor called the police on the family for “disturbance and yelling at staff.” She also claimed that another employee called her a b–ch. She shared a long post on Facebook explaining the story, along with a picture of the woman (the same as above), and a snapshot of the citation.

“Today I was served with a trespass at Dunkin Donuts located on St. John st in Portland, Maine. I was served this paper after the shift manager called the police on my family and I. We were at the drive thru ordering something for my brother. We were speaking in our native language before we even spoke through the microphone to place our order. Out of no where, the shift manager screamed at us and said “ Stop yelling, leave or I’m calling the cops.” I was surprised to hear this because we weren’t even doing anything. The shift manager told us to leave and she was calling the police. She also refused to take our order. I want Inside the store to figure out why the police was being called on us. We were called a bitch by an employee. I spoke with the same shift manager that discriminated and disrespected my family and I. She called the police, and they showed up. We spoke with the police, and I was giving a trespass for “ disturbance and yelling at a staff.” The only crime we committed was speaking in our native language. Languages come in different tone, and this women felt like we were a threat to her. This is America and everyone should have the right to speak in their native language. Unbelievable.”

Ahmed’s Facebook post received even more angry reactions, with one woman writing: “This is absolutely disgusting and the police did not handle this well. For crying out loud this is not a private residence, but a public business. How could you be trespassing by standing at the drive through or entering the restaurant?! How would they expect you to speak to a staff that called you a bitch?!! Once again, the djt white supremacist movement is fueling this behavior and emboldening racists to act out their every racist urge. So disgusted. Do you want us to do anything like call HQ to complain?”

Others apologized to Ahmed for having to deal with such “hateful” treatment, while others were shocked that the police served her a ticket at all.

According to an article by Unicef, Ahmed is a Somali-American refugee who was born as her family was fleeing the war in Somalia. Ahmed is 20-years-old and a self-proclaimed activist and voice for refugees and immigrants around the world. According to Unicef, Ahmed says that immigrants come to the United States “to be Americans and to follow the American Dream to make better lives for our family and our kids.”

Heavy has reached out to Dunkin’ Donuts for comment and hasn’t heard back yet, but will update this story as more information is known.

Correction: An earlier version of this post misspelled the name of Dunkin’ Donuts in the headline.

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