Will Hurricane Michael Hit Naples? Latest Track & Forecast

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Michael is moving due north at 7 miles per hour, and is expected to make landfall in Florida’s panhandle on Wednesday. The storm is expected to intensify to a Category 2 or a Category 3 hurricane by the time it arrives on Florida’s coast.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a State of Emergency in 26 counties and has warned of the dangers this storm can potentially bring.

“This storm has the potential to bring devastating impacts to communities across the Panhandle and Big Bend and every family must be prepared. We all saw the damage Hermine did to the neighborhoods in its path just two years ago and Tropical Storm Michael is forecast to have similar impacts,” Governor Scott said on Sunday.

Naples Has a Higher Chance of Rain Over the Next 2 Days

Will Hurricane Michael hit Naples

The Naples area isn’t expecting a direct hit from Michael, but the city and surrounding areas, especially along the coast, will be seeing some increased chances for rain from the outer bands of the storm.

Naples will start seeing effects from Hurricane Michael on Tuesday. Over the next two to three days, there will be a higher chance of precipitation, with scattered thunderstorms and fairly heavy downpours. Although the area is used to seeing this type of weather, the rain could last longer than normal and the winds are expected to be a tad bit stronger than an average afternoon storm.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Naples will see about 1 to 2 inches of rain over the next two days. The sustained winds will be in the 10 to 20 mile-per-hour range. Extensive damage from rain or wind is not expected in the area.

A storm surge watch is in effect from Navarre to Anna Maria Island.

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