Indiana Trick or Treating Times Change Due to Rain

Halloween is almost here, but trick or treating times may have changed for you if you live in Indiana. In many areas, trick or treating has changed from Wednesday, October 31, 2018, to today, Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Some areas have chosen to reschedule trick or treating for Friday, November 2, 2018. And, this is all because of the weather. In many towns, rain is expected Wednesday, which would put a damper on the candy gathering festivities.

According to Indy Star, towns throughout southern Indiana are expecting up to three inches of rain on Wednesday. Mayor Troy Merry, of Salem in Washington County, released a statement about the choice to move trick or treating hours and dates. Merry explained, “We took the safety of the children into consideration. We want children to be able to enjoy trick-or-treat night, and came to the decision that we want everyone to enjoy it and have a great time, and not have weather be a factor.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Mike Ochs of North Vernon, discussed why his town had to move trick or treating to Friday, rather than today. He admitted that, “We couldn’t arrange things fast enough to get it done on Tuesday. We had to contact the schools and … some churches are going to have trunk-or-treat or a ‘sweet street,’ and they have all of the preparations.”

Though some cities are rescheduling the holiday, others are still carrying out trick or treating as scheduled, on Wednesday. For a full list of central Indiana trick or treating times and towns, Fox59 has the rundown here. No times run later than 9 p.m. local time.

When it comes to tips for safety when trick or treating door to door, the official State of Indiana website lists the following guidelines:

Tell children to never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle.
No treats should be eaten until they are checked by an adult.
Young children should be with a responsible adult.
Older children should have a specific route and time they return home.
Stay in well-lit areas and on sidewalks to prevent being hit by a vehicle. When crossing a street it is necessary to remind the excited children to look both ways before stepping off the sidewalk.
Carry flashlights or electric lanterns to prevent injuries, both on the sidewalk and in the street.
Notify law enforcement immediately if something is suspicious.

Some areas may have curfews issued for the town, so it’s important to check with your town to make sure your kids or teenagers are not in violation of curfew times. Or, you can give your kids their own curfew, to ensure their safety. If you don’t feel safe having your kids go trick or treating door to door, there are many events for safe candy collecting. Malls, zoos, religious establishments, schools, downtown shopping areas, grocery stores and community centers often host trick or treating activities.

In addition to cities in Indiana changing their trick or treating hours, there are several other states that are facing the same issue due to weather. Kentucky and Louisiana are just a couple of them.

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