Lynzy Lab Stewart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Lynzy Lab Stewart is a Texas-based singer and performing artist who goes by the name “Lynzy Lab.” On Monday, a video of Lynzy strumming a blue ukulele and performing her new song, “A Scary Time,” went viral on social media. “A Scary Time” has a gentle, catchy melody; the song uses satire and irony to get its point across. The song’s chorus is “it’s a scary time for men” — but in fact, the song is all about the many challenges that women face today.

The words of the song don’t mention the president — but many social media users are definitely seeing the song as a response to Trump. After all, just last week President Trump told reporters that “it’s a very scary time for men,” since men risk being falsely accused of bad behavior. And “A Scary Time” ends with a call to listeners to get out and vote in the midterms this November.

You can watch Lynzy Lab performing her song here:

Here’s what you need to know about Mercedes Lynzy:

1. Trump’s Opponents Have Been Retweeting ‘A Scary Time’ as They Remind People to Vote in November

“A Scary Time” is getting a lot of traction among opponents of President Trump. This is likely because Trump has been telling crowds that we live in a “scary time for men.” The president mentioned Brett Kavanaugh, who was going through his nomination process at the time, adding, “You could be somebody that was perfect your entire life, and somebody could accuse of something. . . . That’s one of the very bad things that’s taking place now.”

Brian Krassenstein, an editor at the Hill Reporter and a self-described “outspoken opponent of Trump,” retweeted Lynzy song and wrote, “The President thinks it’s a scary time for “young men in America”.@mercedeslynz wrote this incredible song about these ‘scary’ times…Remember to Vote November 6th! And RETWEET the hell out of this awesome tune!”

2. Lynzy Is a Choreographer Who Has Also Created Dance About the #MeToo Movement

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Lynzy is a singer and songwriter, but she’s also a choreographer and a dancer. You can watch one of her dances — a response to the #MeToo movement — here.

The dance features Lynzy performing alone, to piano accompaniment. Lynzy appears to be acting out the pain of sexual assault — her movements are alternately jerky and smooth, strong and spirally downward. Sudden sharp claps, footsteps, and breaths punctuate the dance.

3. Lynzy Taught Dance at Texas State University

Lynzy was a lecturer on the dance faculty at Texas State University. in 2015, 2016, and 2017, although she doesn’t appear to be currently teaching at the university.

Lynzy has also been on the faculty of the The Performing Arts Project since 2011. The Performing Arts Project describes itself as  “a non-profit collection of working theatre professionals dedicated
to nurturing and instructing the next generation of theatre artists.”

4. Lynzy Is Married to Neil Patrick Stewart, a Writer Who Also Teaches at Texas State

Neil Patrick Stewart is a lecturer in the department of theater at Texas State University. He is the author of several books of humor and trivia; his humor book, Headlines! “Headlines! Headlines?” was just released in September, and his trivia book, “Fact. Fact. Bullsh*t!: Learn the Truth and Spot the Lie on Everything from Tequila-Made Diamonds to Tetris’ Soviet Roots Plus Tons of Other Totally Random Facts from Science, History, and Beyond!” came out in October 2011.

Stewart has also written magazine articles. In addition to writing, he is an actor.

5. Lynzy Joined the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company When She Was Just 17

Lynzy spent seven years — from 2003 to 2010 — as a principal dancer for the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company. The company signed her when she was just 17, which made her the youngest principal dancer in the history of the company.

Lynzy is also an award-winning choreographer, winning prizes for works like her reinterpretation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Le Pied Marin; A Falling Out; and Into the Black, which won first prize in the JUMP Dance Convention in 2014.

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