People Are Calling This Republican Attack Ad ‘Antisemitic’

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The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has released a new ad in the race for Minnesota’s first congressional district. The ad, titled “Owns,” charges that Democratic candidate Dan Feehan is “owned” by “the left.” But the ad is angering a lot of people far outside of Minnesota, who see it as antisemitic and vaguely racist. You can watch the whole ad here:

The Ad Takes a Jab at Colin Kaepernick & Also Charges That ‘Billionaire George Soros’ Is Bankrolling the Left

The new NRCC ad opens with a shot of Colin Kaepernick, dressed in his 49ers uniform, taking the knee. A football bounces aimlessly across the screen, and the scene shifts to show a group of heavily armored men standing around while fires burn in trash cans. The scene cuts again to a picture of George Soros — side by side with Kaepernick — standing behind big piles of cash.

A voiceover says, “Primadonna athletes protesting our anthem. Left-wing mobs paid to riot in the streets. Billionaire George Soros bankrolls the resistance. And Dan Feehan.”

The voiceover continues, asserting that Feehan is paid by a group that receives funding from Soros and that his campaign is “propped up by out-of-state super PACs funded by Soros’s millions.” Finally, the voiceover warns, “Remember. The left owns Feehan. He’ll never be for you.”

People Are Calling the Soros Reference Anti-Semitic

The NRCC ad drew swift criticism, both from professional pundits and from social media users. One Twitter user wrote “Hmm, I’m not sure this is right yet. Are you sure you couldn’t have made the insane racism and anti-Semitism in the ad a little *more* pronounced?” Another simply posted a picture of an elephant (the Republican logo) sporting a row of swastikas on its back. The “antisemitic” charges seem to be coming because of the ad’s references to “billionaire George Soros.” Soros is, indeed, a billionaire and he is, indeed, a leading funder of Democratic candidates and of liberal causes. But the image of a Jewish man holding wads of cash still strikes many, many people as anti-semitic. And in this case, Soros is being accused of handing out cash to incite “Democratic mobs” to riot in the streets, all for an unknown cause.

Here are a few more responses to the new NRCC ad:

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