‘Shark Tank’ Siblings Who Lost Both Parents to Appear on ABC News Tonight

Shark Tank Siblings to Appear on ABC News with David Muir, The Young Siblings who Lost Father and Mother Died


Last Sunday, three siblings, Keira (15), Christian (19), and Kaley Young (25), appeared on Shark Tank, where they pitched a product invented by their father before his death.

Keith Young was a firefighter and helped in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. He died earlier this year from cancer related to the cleanup at Ground Zero. After his passing, his three children took it upon themselves to promote his product, the The Cup Board Bro.

The product is a cutting board with a detachable and dishwasher safe long plastic bowl to catch food remains. It’s also made at a slight angle to send meets, juices, and liquids into the bowl.

Kaley, the eldest Young child, was in 10th grade when her father invented the product. She tells Newsday, “He wanted to create something to simplify the cleaning process. My dad was one to make a big mess.”

Sadly, the Young children also lost their mother from breast cancer more than five years ago.

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, all five sharks came together to help the Young siblings. The sharks offered $100,000 for a 20% stake in the business and promised to donate profits to a charity to help firefighters affected by 9/11.

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