Steven Avery Crime Scene Photos: Teresa Halbach Death

Manitowoc County Gallery: 1/29

Making a Murderer 2, which premieres on October 19, 2018, brings the Teresa Halbach murder case - and the convictions of Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey - back into the public eye. You can see crime scene photos from the case in a photo gallery. Be aware that some of the pictures are graphic as they feature the aftermath of Halbach's death.

A lot has happened since the first Making a Murderer created a legion of outraged supporters clamoring for the release of Avery and Dassey. The cognitively slow Dassey, who was 16 when Halbach was murdered after visiting the family's Manitowoc County, Wisconsin junkyard, saw his conviction overturned by a federal magistrate judge and appellate panel, only to have a full Appeals Court reinstate it and the Supreme Court refuse to hear the case. Avery has not had success with post-conviction motions in the Wisconsin Court System. A judge has rejected his motions for a new trial. He, as with Dassey, remains in prison.

The trials of both Avery and Dassey took place in Wisconsin back in 2007. As a result, photos of the crime scene were submitted as court evidence. The crime scene - when it comes to where the victim's body was found - was located behind Avery's red trailer on his family's vast salvage yard property. Halbach's bone and teeth fragments were found in barrels and a burn pit behind that trailer, although many people from the Avery family lived on the property.

In Making a Murderer Part 2, Avery's post-conviction attorney Kathleen Zellner has aggressively challenged the prosecution's theories in the case, from how the blood in the car fell to where Teresa's body was first burned.

Click through our gallery to see the crime scene photos from the trials. They are from the Manitowoc County courts. Again, be forewarned that some of the photos are graphic and disturbing because they contain bone and teeth fragments that were unearthed in the burn pit and barrels behind Avery's trailer.

Authorities unearthed evidence from other places on the salvage yard property too. For example, they said they found Avery's blood in Teresa Halbach's car, which they found on the junkyard property.

In addition, they say they found a bullet with Halbach's DNA on it in Avery's garage and Teresa's key in Avery's bedroom - both pieces of evidence found belatedly. The defense has argued the evidence was planted, which authorities deny.

The details in the photo gallery derive from Manitowoc County court transcripts and records, unless otherwise noted.

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