Stormy Daniels Says She’s Sorry for ‘Body Shaming’ Trump

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Stormy Daniels, the porn star who allegedly had a sexual tryst with Donald Trump, says she is sorry for making fun of the president’s member in her new memoir. Daniels famously compared the president’s member to the mushroom in “Mario Kart,” giving rise to endless memes and jokes on social media.

But Daniels said in an interview with Australia’s Channel 9, that she felt “terrible” about what she wrote. “In a way, that’s body shaming,” Daniels told Liz Hayes, of Channel 9.

You can watch clips from the interview, on Australia’s 60 Minutes, here.

Daniels Admitted that Some of Her Comments About Trump Were ‘Mean’

Daniels said she wrote what she wrote about Trump’s member because she saw it as “evidence” that she really did have a tryst with Trump. Smiling, the porn star said that if it came to court and she had to prove that she had really seen the president naked, “I win.”

Daniels told Australia’s 60 Minutes that she also wrote what she wrote in a form of self-defense, because she felt under attack by Trump and his supporters.

The interviewer, Liz Hayes, asked Daniels if she had intended to “humiliate” the president.

“No. Absolutely not, which is why I feel a little conflicted about the book,” Daniels said. “I did not want to hurt him. My intention was for people to stop hurting me.”

But Daniels did say that she was “being mean” in some of her other comments about the president. Asked why she said that Trump had “Yeti hair,” Daniels said, “well, that was just me being mean.”

She said, “I feel like I was forced there, in a way. And I justify it, in a way, even now, saying this is a man who haid much worse things about women, multiple times. So this is a taste of your own medicine.”

Daniels Says She Also Has a ‘Message’ for the President

Stormy Daniels says she isn’t angry at Trump for personal reasons; she doesn’t resent him for anything that happened between them on the night of her alleged tryst.

But Daniels says that, if she were to send a message to the president, she would say pretty much the same thing as any of his critics: “What the f*** are you doing?” the porn star says she would ask him. “Step away.”

Daniels said that she has been planning to write a memoir for the past ten years; she said that originally, she didn’t mean for the whole thing to be about Trump. The porn star says that the originally meant Trump to be just a small part of the book — in the same way as, she says, he was just a small part of her life.

But Daniels said that she wrote more than she expected about Trump in part because she felt under attack and hoped to defend herself.

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