Tyndall Air Force Base Devastated by Hurricane Michael: Photos & Videos of the Damage

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Tyndall Air Force Base took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael. No injuries were reported, thankfully, but the storm left significant damage in its wake. Michael was the strongest storm to hit the Florida Panhandle, strengthening to 155 mph winds before it hit, and one of the strongest storms to ever hit the continental United States.

Here’s aerial footage showing the severe damage Hurricane Michael left at Tyndall Air Force Base. The base commander had ordered all the jets to fly inland before the storm hit, so the jets you’re seeing in the video above were jets that were on display, not jets the Air Force was actively using. The damage on the base overall, however, was extensive.

Widespread damage was left at the base, and included roof damage to nearly every home in the base housing area, News Herald reported.

Trees were also downed, along with power lines. Roofs were lost and other areas had significant structural damage on the base.

Col. Brian Laidlaw, 325th Fighter Wing Commander, said on social media that Tyndall residents and evacuated personnel should stay at their safe location for the time being.

At this time, Tyndall base leaders don’t have an estimate for when the base will reopen. Tyndall’s Facebook page noted: “Recovery teams have begun initial assessments of the base. They have found widespread catastrophic damage. Recovery teams conducted an initial assessment of portions of base housing. They found widespread roof damage to nearly every home.”

This video was taken from Tyndall’s main gate during Michael’s landfall:

Here’s another video from Tyndall as the storm rolled through:

Callaway, Florida, which is inland from Tyndall, also received extensive damage:

Here’s another video showing the damage at Tyndall: