WATCH: Andrew Benintendi’s Game-Winning Catch for the Sox

Andrew Benintendi

Getty Outfielder Andrew Benitendi made a game-winning catch for the Red Sox with the bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth inning against the Astros, clinching a Sox victory.

Outfielder Andrew Benintendi made a gutsy, game-winning catch for the Red Sox on Wednesday night, closing out the game with bases loaded and the Sox ahead of the Astros, 8-6.

Benintendi’s jaw-dropping catch, which will put the Sox one game away from clenching the series and heading to the World Series, has already been called one of the greatest in Red Sox history.

See it for yourself below:

MLB/Red Sox writer Jared Carrabis seemed to sum up the cumulative shock and awe that the entire internet seemed to be feeling in the wake of the stunning play, as he tweeted, “I can’t f*cking believe that just happened. Oh my God. Andrew Benintendi. I am in love with you.”

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