Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results & Asks Trump to Pay Up

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In a series of Monday morning tweets, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said she has the DNA results to prove that she really does have Native American heritage. Warren has been regularly mocked by President Trump — who calls her “Pocahontas” — for her claims. Trump has offered to pay a million dollars if Warren would take a DNA test to determine whether she actually has Indian heritage. Now, Warren says, she’s done it. And she’s asking Trump to send the million dollars to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, a charity that works to protect Native women from sexual violence.

On Monday morning, Warren released a video of her extended family discussing their Native American ancestors. You can watch the video here:

The video features opens with a series of interviews with Warren’s extended family, who all say they find Trump’s “Pocahantas” joke “stupid” and upsetting. Ann Rowse White, whom the video describes as Warren’s cousin and a member of the Cherokee Nation, says that she finds the joke offensive “not just as Betsy’s cousin, but as a Native American.”

Warren also released a DNA report which says that there is “strong evidence” that Warren has some Native American ancestry. The report says that Warren is of primarily European descent but says that the analysis “also identified 5 genetic segments as Native American in origin at high confidence.” According to the report, Warren’s Native American ancestry likely comes from six to ten generations ago. You can read the full genetic report here.

Warren Says She Never Used Her Heritage to Get a Job

President Trump and other conservatives have accused Elizabeth Warren of claiming that she was a Native American when she applied for jobs as a law professor. Today, the Senator released what a series of documents which, she said, cleared her. The video also includes testimonies from faculty at Harvard Law, the University of Houston, University of Pennsylvania Law School and UT Austin School of Law insisting that Warren was not hired because of her heritage.

Warren wrote, “I never expected my family’s story to be used as a racist political joke, but I don’t take any fight lying down. I want you to have the power to fight lies with the truth, so here’s a new site for you to review every document for yourself.”

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