WATCH: Trump Tells ABC News Reporter ‘You Weren’t Thinking; You Never Do’

President Trump provoked shock all over social media when he told ABC reporter Cecilia Vega that she “never thinks”.

You can watch the exchange between Trump and Vega here.

The tense interaction happened as Trump spoke to the press about his administration’s new trade deal with Mexico and Canada. The president called a press conference at the White House to announce the long-awaited deal, known as USMCA, which will replace NAFTA.

Vega Wanted to Ask Trump About Kavanaugh

After the president finished outlining the new USMCA deal, he agreed to take a few questions from the media — and he nodded at Vega. Then the president said, “she’s shocked that I picked her. She’s, like, in a state of shock.” There were chuckles.

Vega stood up and said, “I’m not thinking about that, Mr. President.”

Trump replied, “That’s okay. I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”

“I’m sorry?” replied Vega.

“Go ahead,” said Trump. “Go ahead.”

Vega asked a question about the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh. The president said he’d circle back to her question once he had responded to all the questions about the trade deal.

“Let’s do that later,” the president said. He added, “What does that have to do with trade? I don’t mind answering the question but, you know, I’d like to to do the trade questions.”

Vega is the senior White House correspondent for ABC News. She joined the network in 2011 as a Los Angeles-based correspondent. She describes herself on her Twitter profile as someone who is “covering that big house in Washington for ABC News.”

Trump’s press conference was frequently combative, with the president telling reporters that he considered them to be a wing of the Democratic party. But the president also tried to strike a lighter note, joking about his own bad reputation in the press.

“I never drink,” the president said, adding that not drinking might be his best quality. “I’ve never had a glass of alcohol. Can you imagine if I had? I’d be a mess.”

The president also referred to the media as “loco,” adding that he had chosen that word because he was there to talk about the new trade deal with Canada and Mexico.

Trump also told reporters that he had seen many senators in “very bad” circumstances, hinting that he’d seen many of them seriously drunk. He declined to give details about which senators he meant, saying that he would save it for his book, “like everyone else does.”

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