WATCH: Woman Booted From Flight For ‘Emotional Support’ Squirrel [Video]

squirrel woman

Getty/Twitter Woman says her squirrel is her emotional support animal. On a flight from Orlando to Cleveland, she refused to deplane. The fight was delayed for two hours. Orlando Police escorted her off the aircraft t cheers from passengers.

Brandon Nix was flying to Ohio from Florida on Frontier Airlines. The plane was delayed. By hours. Airline officials told passengers they needed to leave the plane while they dealt with a situation.

“So I’m flying back to Cleveland and everyone got on the plane then was asked to exit the plane. Only to later find out a woman brought a squirrel in her carry on and labeled it as her emotional support pet. Then refuses to get off the plane until the cops come,” he tweeted with a video that shows the as-of-yet unidentified woman giving passengers the finger as she is wheeled away by police.

Local media in Cleveland reported that a Frontier Airlines official confirmed the female passenger did indicates she had an emotional support animal when she reserved the flight from Orlando. She did not however indicate the species.

Frontier Airlines permits emotional support animals like dogs and cats. Definitely not rodents. She was told she could not bring the rodent aboard but she refused to get off the plane. Orlando Police responded, Nix’ video shows.

The fight was delayed two hours.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” Nix tweeted.

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