YouTube Not Working: YouTube Stars’ Reactions to Crash

jeffree star

Instagram/Jeffree Star Beauty Tuber Jeffree Star has reached 10 million followers on YouTube

YouTube was not working, and that bothered some YouTubers – a lot. At least, it gave the world’s best-known YouTube stars a chance to show their comedic timing all the more. Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, KSI, and more weighed in on Twitter. However, others, like Logan Paul, did not – on that medium anyway.

YouTube wrote on Twitter before the problem was fixed: “Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.”

Around 11 p.m. EST, YouTube announced, “We’re back! Thanks for all of your patience. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.” YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music were affected for about two hours, sending some YouTube stars to Twitter to vent and joke.

Here are some YouTube stars’ reactions to the crash on Twitter:

Jeffree Star

The makeup vlogger responded with crying emojis, but then quickly came back with a sarcastic quip.

“I think @shanedawson’s new video broke YouTube… Iconic,” Star wrote on Twitter. Shortly before YouTube stopped working, Star wrote, “HOLY SH*T I’m so close to 11 MILLION subscribers!!!!!! ????.”

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson had some things to say about YouTube being down too. “is youtube not working for anyone else? or is it my sh@tty internet? haha,” he also wrote. Dawson was one of the first YouTube stars.

James Charles

James Charles, a makeup influencer on YouTube, wrote a string of tweets about YouTube being down. Among them, “youtube broke because too many iconic people uploaded today and that’s the tea.”

He also wrote: “um hello youtube broke that’s so rude how is everyone supposed to watch my new video.”


Markiplier cut right to the chase, writing, “YouTube’s down… Can it really be true? Am I finally… free?” On Twitter, he defines himself as “Professional Screamer. King of the Squirrels.”

He’s an American YouTuber whose page reads, “Welcome to Markiplier! Here you’ll find some hilarious gaming videos, original comedy sketches, animated parodies, and other bits of entertainment!”


The YouTube star turned boxer had a joke at the ready when YouTube stopped working. “time to get a real job,” he joked. He’s an Internet celebrity whose real name is Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji.

In case you’re wondering, Logan Paul didn’t tweet about the YouTube crash. His last tweet was October 12, 2018.

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CJ Faison is a former NASCAR driver turned YouTuber who says on YouTube, “I’m just here to give you all some insane adventures, crazy vlogs, and exploring abandoned locations across the world!”

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