Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez: A Tribute to the Mercy Hospital Shooting Victim

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Twitter CPD Officer Samuel Jiminez was killed in the line of duty Monday responding to an active shooter at Mercy Hospital. Jiminez was 28.

Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez died in the line of duty Monday. On his last watch, the young police officer went into harm’s way to protect doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors likely saving lives as he gave his own.

Jimenez was 28, and had just recently finished his probationary period with the police department.

Jimenez, Dr. Tamara O’Neal, and a hospital pharmacy staff member are all dead after a gunman opened fire outside and then inside Mercy Hospital and Medical Center on Chicago’s South Side just before 3:30 p.m. Monday. The gunman is dead.

“It’s with profound sadness that we share the death of PO Samuel Jimenez from tonight’s senseless active shooter incident. Please pray for his family, his fellow officers & the entire #ChicagoPolice Department.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Jimenez Ran Into the Hospital After the Gunman, Who’d Just Shot His Former Fiancée to Death in the Parking Lot

PROCESSION FOR SLAIN CHICAGO POLICE OFFICERProcession for Chicago Police Officer Samuel Jimenez, who was killed while responding to the shooting at Mercy Hospital. WHAT WE KNOW:

Just before 3:30 p.m., a man described as wearing all black and walking and talking, or arguing, with a woman dressed in hospital scrubs. Police said an “acquaintance” tried to intervene when the suspect displayed a handgun in his waistband. Police said the acquaintance ran into the hospital.

Police said the gunman then shot and killed the woman he was with. Witnesses told Chicago media that she was on the ground and he continued to fire bullets into her as police arrived in a squad car. Later police dispatchers would describe the gunshots seen on the car. The CPD said the suspect fired at the officers.

Police exchanged fire with the gunman who took off into the hospital, still firing. Officers gave chase and radioed for assistance. Other officers and SWAT arrived and had a shootout with the gunman inside the hospital. During the exchange of gunfire, a female hospital staff member was hit.

Jimenez was hit.

Police & First Responders Shut Down the 5-Mile Stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Chicago to Clear a Way for the Ambulance Carrying Jimenez to the University of Chicago Medical Center

Police cleared ‘King Drive’ of all traffic, vehicular and pedestrian, as an ambulance raced Jimenez to the trauma unit at the UC Medical Center.

“Clear it all. Shut it down,” a female dispatcher could be heard saying as she choreographed the response to the active shooter crisis at Mercy.

That was just after 4 p.m. Three hours later, just after 7 p.m., it was reported a large motorcade of CPD vehicles were arriving at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Jimenez was dead.

Jimenez was Sworn in as a CPD Officer in 2017

A new officer with just over a year on the job, he had recently completed his 13-month probationary period. It was reported he was assigned to the CPD’s 2nd district, Wentworth which serves the neighborhoods of Douglas, Kenwood, Hyde Park, Oakland, Washington Park, Grand Boulevard and Bronzeville.

Mercy Hospital is in the Bronzeville neighborhood.

CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson briefed the media Monday evening. He said he and Mayor Rahm Emanuel “spent time with” Jimenez, his wife and mother and asked people to keep them and all victims in their prayers.

“Today, the Fraternal Order of Police lost a valiant brother, a courageous police officer who got up this morning went to work and wanted to protect the city of Chicago. He did just that. But he did so with his life. He will be missed by the FOP, by the City of Chicago, by his wife, his children and the entire city. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and we will do whatever we can to hep his family,” said FOP Chicago Lodge 7 president Kevin W. Graham.

Together For Years, Jimenez & His Wife Crystal Married in December of 2017. Jimenez Was the Father of 3 Children

“I don’t know who I am… without you ?,” she posted in January.

The couple was married in December of 2017. Their first anniversary is just a few weeks away.

Crystal’s Facebook photos repeat. Jimenez, the kids and her. The kids. She and Jimenez. Every image of the couple she has shared show a couple happy and by all appearances, very much in love. Photo after photo after photo. It’s hard to imagine her grief.

After all, they were high school sweethearts.

Garcia & Jimenez, She the Daughter of Immigrants, Fell in Love in High School, Never Parted, Worked Hard, Had a Family & Bought a Home. They Were Living Their Dream & it Was Not Handed to Them

“Who would have thought from high school sweet hearts, to being young parents, to finally being homeowners. Filled with emotions as we now start this new chapter in our lives. I pray that everything falls into place. There is no one else I would rather share these moments than with you babe!”

This was in June of 2016. She prayed everything would continue to work out and shared her gratitude for their life together.

“Having a place to go is a Home.. Having someone to love is a FAMILY… But having both is definitely a great BLESSING!”

Crystal and Samuel had been together more than a decade. They met in high school and started dating in 2007. She works for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Driver’s Services, the ‘DMV.’

Jimenez’ Family & Friends Are Shocked & Grieving

Anthony Jimenez says he was on sports teams with him in high school. He expressed his disbelief and his anger. And sorrow for Jimenez’ family.

Friends that knew Crystal and Samuel in high school were devastated. For him. For her. For the loss of a good guy. A really good guy.

‘Long After the Headlines Fade’ the Families Are Still Grieving. And They Need Help

“Long after the headlines fade, the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation continues to support the families of Chicago’s fallen police officers. Learn more about them and support their important mission here.”

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