Griffith Park Fire Near LA Zoo: Size, Map & Photos

Griffith Park Fire near LA Zoo

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Wildfires are raging in California today, and one has even forced parts of Malibu to be evacuated. Now a new fire has started in Griffith Park near the LA Zoo.

The fire right now is estimated to be just two to three acres in size and there’s no wind, the Los Angeles Fire Department told NBC LA. That’s a good sign, because many of the fires that have grown so fast recently, like the Woolsey Fire and the Camp Fire, were fueled by very high winds. But as we’ve seen yesterday and today, fires can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to stay tuned to local sources if you’re in the area.

Here’s a look at where the fire is located:

And an interactive map for you to look at the location:

The fire is located on a hillside behind the LA Zoo in Griffith Park, just south of 134 Freeway.

Crews had to hike into the location for the fire, which was first spotted around 10 a.m. Eastern (7 a.m. Pacific.)

Smoke could be seen all the way to the Burbank area.

Here are some more photos of the fire:

At this time, it’s not yet known if structures are threatened by this fire.

So far, no evacuations have been issued for this fire.

This is a developing story.