Oli Herbert’s Death Now Deemed Suspicious by Police

Getty Oli Herbert's toxicology report came in Saturday morning, and his widow Beth released a statement on Facebook addressing the guitarist's cause of death.

Oli Herbert death shocked the metal community after the All That Remains guitarist was found dead in a pond near his home in Connecticut. Although police said his death did not appear suspicious, they were waiting for the autopsy for more information.

However, new broke recently that, although police initially didn’t deem Herbert’s death suspicious, investigators are now treating his death as suspicious. Although his official cause of death was due to drowning, the manner of his death was ruled “undetermined.”

According to the report:

While the state medical examiner’s office ruled this week that Herbert, 44, drowned, it called the manner of death “undetermined.” The manner of death is usually listed as homicide, suicide or accident, but state Chief Medical Examiner Dr. James Gill said Herbert’s case will remain undetermined unless new information is developed.

State police sources said they are treating Herbert’s death as suspicious at this point. The Eastern District Major Crime Squad is investigating.

Sources said police are compiling a timeline of Herbert’s last 24 hours, reviewing his medical history and searching for people who may have been in contact with him on or before Oct. 16, when his body was found in Hydeville Pond.

Herbert’s toxicology came in Saturday morning, and according to the report, Herbert’s cause of death was drowning. Herbert was, according to his widow, self-medicating to treat manic-depression, a mental health issue that ran in his family. He refused to see a doctor and acquired the antidepressants on his own, which his widow claims explained his erratic behavior leading up to his death.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Herbert’s widow wrote that Herbert was “self-medicating” to treat severe depression.

“Oli was apparently self-treating for manic-depression that has run in his family for several generations. Anti-depressants were found in his system, as well as a sleep aid. The psych meds found in his system were the same ones that a close relative has been prescribed for a long time, so he knew what to hunt down for the “treatment”. Seeing how he was not going (and WOULDN’T GO) to a doctor to get diagnosed with the issue and was not being prescribed the medications and monitored on them, it explains his occasional erratic behavior here at home.”

In the comments, Beth elaborated on how Oli could have ended up by the lake: “One of the drugs can have a hallucinogenic effect, also restlessness,” she wrote. “Oli kept wanting to go outside that night before he disappeared and he kept walking towards the pond, which is a pitch black part of our property as well as very slippery.. Add to that fact that it was raining that evening. Apparently he left the house after I went to bed so I couldn’t stop him and bring him back inside.”

People close to Herbert have been searching for answers, with conspiracies being thrown around about possible causes of death. However, at this point, police have made no conclusions in Herbert’s death.

Oli Herbert

GettyRockers, musicians and fans react to the news of All That Remains Guitarist Oli Herbert’s death on social media.

Philip Labonte, frontman of All That Remains, appeared on “Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown,” Detroit’s WRIF radio station, to discuss the passing of his good friend and ATR guitarist Oli Herbert. Labonte told Meltdown that he was shocked, saddened and confused by Herbert’s sudden death.

“I was shocked. He was 44 years old, and he wasn’t really a big partier,” he told Meltdown. “He would go hang out with people and stuff, but he didn’t really do a lot of drinking… He didn’t do drugs, he didn’t really drink a lot. He would smoke pot once in a while, but that was the extent of it. And so, yeah, it was a big shock. And we’re still processing it and trying to figure out how it is that we move forward and what that means and stuff. So… it sucks.”

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