WATCH: Racist ‘Parking Lot Paul’ Harasses Mother & Daughter Speaking Spanish [VIDEO]

Dubbed ‘Parking Lot Paul’ by some on Twitter, a man who admits he’s a racist on camera, is seen verbally assaulting and harassing a mother and daughter speaking Spanish in a Las Vegas grocery store parking lot.

“Go back where I came from,” the woman speaking and recording asks.

“Yeah, go back to where you came from,” he says to the woman who was speaking to her mother in Spanish.

“Racist, you’re a racist,” the woman says.

“Yes I am. Very much so,” the man says.

She then tells him to “stay away from my mom,” and then tells her mother in Spanish to wait and not be near the man. He immediately and quickly mumbles nonsense in an effort to mock her speaking Spanish. He then proceeds to say he’ll be returning to where he came from; Ohio.

“We don’t let you people there,” he says. The woman records for a few more moments but is silent.

parking lot paul

Twitter screenshot

There was instant incredulity on Twitter in response to the one-minute video.

“That is MY store. I go there almost daily but do not recognize this arse. I WILL be looking for him from now on – NOT ACCEPTABLE! He may feel comfortable in Ohio talking his trash but we are a diverse neighborhood and city – we ain’t letting him go unanswered.”

That comment brought some Ohioans into the conversation.

“I’ve lived in Ohio all my life, and this guy is a stellar example of the kinds of people surrounding me every day. This state packed full of deplorables, including its government, and I’d give my right arm to move to a state where people and education are respected,” one said. While others from the Buckeye State said the man is not Representative of their home.

“Not everyone in Ohio is like him.”

And the go-back-to-where-you-came-from also elicited responses at once mocking and validating.

And from Native Americans who remind that the state of Ohio is named for the river of the same name, an Anglicized translation of the native Seneca word for a good river, ohiːyo.

It was also pointed out that of late, videos of white men hurling racist epithets often do so at women.

A number of people on social media are attempting to identify the man. Some suggest that might incite violence toward him. Others say people must speak up and out against overt and public acts of threatening racist behavior.

Parking lot Paul joins Permit Patty, Sierra Dawn Measelle, Repo Rachel and a parade of racists caught on camera attacking or threatening people of color while they’re doing everyday things.

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