San Ysidro Border Crossing Shut Down [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

San Ysidro is the largest border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. On Sunday afternoon, US Customs and Border Patrol announced that it was shutting down the crossing, after hundreds of people from the Caravan of Migrants tried to rush the border to get through to the US. Mexican and US officials responded with coordinated force to hold back the crowds of people trying to cross into the US to claim asylum.

After the border was shut down, reporters on the scene said that Mexican federal police were working together with US Customs officials to create a barricade on both sides of the crossing point. You can see Mexican riot police lined up at the border, here:


You can watch would-be migrants pushig past a group of Mexican police and approaching the border before it was shut down:

US Border Agents Fired Tear Gas Into the Crowd of Migrants

The Associated Press and BBC reported that US Border Patrol had fired tear gas at the enormous group of migrants. You can see photos of the gas, lingering in the air, here:

And you can see the crowds fleeing the tear gas — among them, mothers with small children — here:

Migrants Said Conditions at the Temporary Shelter Were ‘Intolerable’ & They Wanted to Apply for Asylum Immediately

On Sunday afternoon,members of the ‘Caravan of Migrants” said that conditions at the shelter where they were staying — near Mexico’s border with the US — had become intolerable. Reports from the scene say that the river itself had begun to stink of sewage, and that the people were desperate to get away from the filth.

You can watch them trying to get to the San Ysidro crossing ahead of the closing, here:

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