Debbie Stabenow, John James Election Results: Who’s Winning?

debbie stabenow and john james michigan

Getty Senator Debbie Stabenow (d-MI) and Republican John James.

Democrat Debbie Stabenow and Republican John James battled to represent Michigan in the Senate, in a race that tightened as the election neared. Political newcomer James was looking for the come-from-behind upset. But Stabenow has secured a fourth Senate term.

At 11:19 PM ET, the Associated Press called the race for Debbie Stabenow.

Here are the numbers per the New York Times, with 93 percent of the precincts reporting.

Debbie Stabenow (D): 52.0% (2,047,968 votes total)

John James (R): 46.0% (1,810,432 votes total)

The nation has been watching this Senate election closely because it narrowed significantly in the final weeks. Democrat Debbie Stabenow has been serving in Congress since 1996 and was the first woman in Michigan’s history to be elected to the Senate. Republican John James is a war veteran and businessman who promoted himself as a job creator. He was also endorsed by President Trump.

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Stabenow had a strong lead in the polls for months; at times, polls had her ahead by as many as 20 percentage points. RealClearPolitics ranks Michigan as “Leans Dem.”

But James had closed the gap in a big way. A final poll conducted November 5 and released November 6, by Mitchell Research & Communications, indicated the race had moved into toss-up territory. 49 percent of those surveyed planned to vote for Stabenow, and 46 percent supported James.

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