Stephen King Defends His Politics & Disavows Sushi

Getty Stephen King

Stephen King, the legendary horror and suspense writer, gets a lot of fan mail. Not all of it is positive. Recently, King got a letter which evidently irritated the award-winning writer so much that he took to Twitter to explain himself.

The letter-writer, an Ohio man called Don Ludwig, called King a “freak show” and made a lot of assumptions about his lifestyle. Here’s what he wrote, at least according to Stephen King:

“Horror genre author Stephen King, a founding member of the radical “tax-hiking, government-expanding, latte-drinking, sushi-eating, BMW-driving, body-piercing, Hollywood-loving, Wal Mart-hating, leftwing freak show…”

Basically, that’s a laundry list of all the cliches that are used to describe out-of-touch liberals. And apparently, that list irked Stephen King enough that he decided to set the record straight.

Stephen King Says He Never Eats Sushi & Always Pays His Taxes

Stephen King responded that in fact, he doesn’t eat sushi, doesn’t drink lattes, doesn’t drive a BMW, and hasn’t been to Hollywood in ten years.

This is what most of Stephen King’s Twitter followers are having a hard time getting their heads around: King doesn’t like sushi. Lots of people have been tweeting at him that he should really give it a try and that by never eating it, he’s missing out on one of the great pleasures in life.

Besides announcing his sushi-aversion, King wrote that he doesn’t drink lattes, doesn’t drive a BMW, and hasn’t been to Hollywood in ten years. He said he doesn’t favor government expansion and that, in fact, he thinks our government is too big already. The only truth in Don Ludwig’s letter, apparently, is that he does believe in taxation. “THIS IS HOW WE SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY,” King wrote, going all-caps to make a point.

King Says Trump Is a ‘Runaway Horse’ & We All Need to Rein Him In

This is far from the first time that Stephen King has used Twitter to talk politics. Ahead of the midterm elections, King was all over Twitter calling on his followers to vote blue. The mystery writer said that President Trump represents all the worst, darkest sides of America: “Trump has successfully channeled America’s id: the hatred, the prejudice, the dishonesty, the willing ignorance and turning away from facts. Most of all, the fear. Turn away from these things. #VoteBlue. Be courageous.”

King added, “Donld Trump is a runaway horse, and we’re all on board. Vote Democratic tomorrow. Let’s put a bit in his mouth and rein him in.#VoteBlue”

But King also had choice words for Ted Cruz, whom he repeatedly called a “slimy crawdad.” And he also urged his followers to vote out Steve King, the Iowa representative. King wrote, “Iowans, for personal reasons I hope you’ll vote Steve King out. I’m tired of being confused with this racist dumbbell.” Representative King has a history of making inflammatory remarks and has been widely criticized for meeting with members of the Freedom Party.

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