WATCH: Uber Driver Goes on Furious Rant & ‘Almost Kills’ Two Women For Being Democrats


On Tuesday, actress Tara Strong posted a video of her Uber driver yelling furious and driving erratically after he found out that she and her friend were Democrats.

In the video, the driver repeatedly tells the women that “evil racist demon crazy lefties” were ruining the country. In the comments for Strong’s tweet, Uber Support replied, “We absolutely want to take a closer look. Please send us a DM with your email address so we can follow up.”

You can watch it for yourself, here:

Uber Driver Screams at Women, Tells Them Democrats Are ‘Ruining the Country’

Throughout the video, the Uber driver called the women “terrible riders,” then claimed that their rudeness is a symptom of the “mind control” of the Democratic party. At one point, Strong said, “You involved yourself in our conversation, it was none of your business, and you’ve been attacking us and insulting us and yelling at us.”

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He replied, “That’s such a leftie argument.”

They then got into an argument about being born in America, with the two women saying that they aren’t ruining America, they are Americans, and him saying he was born in America, too, and that they were racist.

When Strong repeatedly asked him to drop them off in a safe place, he confirmed that he would drive them off “anywhere they want.” Then, when he asked why Strong was saying she wanted to get him fired, her friend replied, “We’re not getting you fired because we don’t think like you. We’re getting you fired because we hired you as an Uber driver and you’ve done nothing but yell at us and insult us.”

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